[now available] Drone Day 2020 collab

Drone Day is coming up on May 30th this year, and like the last two years I will make a long-form drone and publish it for free download on Bandcamp, with contributions from you guys and gals!

Previously we made this:

This year I will be making the drone in E, and I will be using the Iwato scale on top of it. In E this scale is E F A Bb D.

But you are free to use any other scale over an E drone, if you prefer. Just let me know what you used, so I can give it its own segment.

I want to go for a theme of breath. This could include (wordless) voice, wind instruments, and related sounds.

So, please send me your stems, field recordings, and anything else that would fit in a drone piece. And I will mix it all together into one long-form drone.

I would prefer your stems to be dry, or with just a short reverb, as I will apply a long lush reverb in the mix.

Dropbox, Google Drive, WeTransfer, etc should all work just fine. Lossless files (FLAC, WAV) preferred. You can email me at yngwin@gmail.com with your link(s).

Deadline: Sunday May 24th.


This is so cool!

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Is there a preferred length of time? Say 7-10 mins…

not really. anything from one second to two hours. if longer, i can cut the bits that fit best, or fade parts in and out. i usually have stems from several contributors in the mix at the same time, with various degrees of processing on them.

it’s not a complete track from contributor a that fades into another track by contributor b. it’s more a patchwork with threads from various people at the same time. here’s an impression from last year’s project:

so give me the ingredients, some sounds, and i’ll brew a hopefully coherent piece from them.

and it doesn’t have to be just vcv. hardware, vsts, field recordings, anything goes.


Love my drones, I’ll put together something for sure =)

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I will again participate and breath is a nice idea, will also announce it in News of the Rack


44,1 kHz 16 bits is OK ? or…

yes, that should be fine, tho i normally run my projects in 48 kHz, 24 bits

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Two tracks sent your way now :slightly_smiling_face:

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I can send you these ones if you find them appropriate, otherwise I’ll do my best to take part :beers:

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i love them! i think the first one is appropriate for what i’m going for this year. especially the soft wind in the background. i would love to have that on its own. is that a sample or synthesized from noise?

as for the percussive sounds, i haven’t checked but are they quantized to the scale i mentioned at the start of the thread? also, they have a really wide frequency range. to sit better in the mix, together with other elements, i would like to limit these sounds to just one of low, medium, or high frequency range. i could just filter them, but if it is a vcv patch, it would be easy to do that at the source. (also, i’d prefer to use my own reverb, so it glues with other elements together more.) if you want, you can send me the patch and i’ll work with that.

as for the birdsong, i do like that, and i did use similar samples in the past two years. it actually forms a connecting element (and yes, that’s on purpose) between the end of drone day 2018 and the beginning of drone day 2019. you can also hear it in quieter spots throughout the 2019 edition.

so i think i should go for something else this year (and it is also a bit of an overdone trope in ambient). the end of drone day 2019 has wordless human voice, and i would like to use that as a connecting element this time.

so there will be no typical birdsong this year, but i’m open for something more exotic and different (e.g. i used raven samples in 2018). or i could process the birdsong sample to sound very differently, for some sprinkles on top, by pulling it through clouds or a convolution reverb, for example.

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I’m glad you like it :beers: the kind of wind is the CLOU sound of the Audible Instruments Macro Oscillator, the percussive sound comes from Audible Instruments Resonator, and it is not quantized to the scale you mentioned, but every note is chosen (kinda randomly) from a series of notes I decided to use, so in one minute I have the scale I want to have. For the wide range no problem, just input fewer notes!

I can send you the patch or I can do it for you, just tell me.

This discussion reminds me that I should share my patches even if I don’t think they are masterpieces :rofl:

btw it just came to my mind that I have one track I have never released that should fit perfectly…

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either way is fine, but if you send me the patch, i can record it at a fitting length.

perfect. in a couple of days I’ll write to you email

This is very interesting and exciting, and it’s right up my alley. Or at least I hope so, usually I lean towards the more abrasive industrial drone stuff, but have been wanting to do more peaceful drone stuff lol. I’m definitely in.

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I have prepared the patch with instructions, and another one as mentioned before

if you need something, I am here :beers:


I’m sending my track. Let me know if you have problems. Key is Em. You can also check my yt channel if you need more stuff.


Have a nice one!

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Bonjour ablaut :slightly_smiling_face:

here’s a sample of my composition “Souffle”, a VCV patch with 2 VST. No mix, stressed computer (me too !), no performance. Just a sample…

However, I have prepared 7 tracks for you (4’, 48khz, 24 bits, -3db max, stéréo WAV, no click !). I’m hoping you can use some of my sound elements.

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Well that turned out weird, but it was fun lol

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Here is my contribution, as always almost too late…