>> call for submissions: drone day 2023 collab <<

on the last saturday of may it is drone day again. as in previous years, i am going to make a compilation / collab project. i’m looking for sounds that can be included.

the theme is: the sound of light. think of how sound goes through different materials. how it refracts. how different colors sound synesthetically.

this time i’m using a drone on e (again), with the scale from raga harikauns: e g a# c d
shown here in rewin:

as is our yearly tradition, any sound or stem that would fit in is welcome, and i will mix it together into one hour-long ambient drone piece on drone day 2023, may 27th.

recordings are preferred to be in flac, but any reasonable format will be accepted. i use 48kHz, 24 bits in my project (but other rates will be accepted). note that anything with a beat will be heavily processed, as it is not meant to be very rhythmic. more ambient percussion such as in gobi by monolake is fine.

any length is fine, from one second ‘incidental’ sounds, to two-hour field recordings / drones / etc. i can always select passages, or weave things in and out.

vcv rack patches are also welcome. i have most free plugins, but only a few premium ones (notably vult modules, vult mysteries, and stellare creative suite).

but it doesn’t have to be vcv rack. i also love mixing in vst softsynths, acoustic instruments, field recordings, etc.

don’t send me finished tracks, as it is really a collab project in which i weave together elements from different sources into one piece of music . i will apply very liberal amounts of reverb, so dry stems are perfectly fine.

you can send me stems or patches by google drive, wetransfer, dropbox, etc. you can email me at yngwin@gmail.com with your link(s). and let me know which artist name you want to be credited with.

for some inspiration, listen to what we have done in previous years:


so may 26th is the deadline for the stems/patches?

p.s. I’m in :heart:

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i guess so

I’ve got 5 files done. I’ll throw some more together and get them to you this week. Hopefully you’ll find something to use.

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And another 5 incoming :slight_smile:

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I have some drones ready. I’ll put them to u in a Rar via wetransfer. So I’m in again!

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Well, it’s my first submission to this kind of event, haha. I didn’t know if I could do anything, cause drone isn’t my kind of music, but I did something… Hope it fits

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alphabetical list of contributors so far:

Fabio Keiner
Worker 13
Urs Basteck
Yier Sansi

if you’re not on the list (but should be) or are not credited correctly, please let me know

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I am in the process of sending to your email, a Rar with drones for this years comp. Please credit me as ady34. Thanks

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I’m missing (ale47p)

I’m sending you 2 patches by email

two suggestions:

-on the low(ish) one I would stereo enhance x2 the mid-bass portion of the spectrum (under 500Hz)

-duck the other one (high) with some other material

there’s no need to suggest the amount and lenght of the reverb(s) :broccoli: I know we are in good hands

Deadline is still Friday, right?

let’s say friday noon utc

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I just emailed a submission, I hope they work somewhere with the final piece :notes:

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unless there is another submission within the next 24 hours, or something i overlooked, this will be our cover image:

the final upload on bandcamp will contain a 2k version.

as usual, this is a combination of artists from the vcv rack community and the ambient online community.


there was in fact a contribution sent in on the cusp of drone day, so the cover has been amended.

as usual, i was sent a lot of material and i had to make a selection. at least one recording from each contributor has been included. some have been heavily processed (notably selected contributions by Northr and Yier Sansi, which turn up deep in the mix as percussive elements around minute 21 and 48).

i hope you’ll enjoy the mix, which i will post in a separate topic on the music subforum.