[now available] Drone Day 2020 collab

@SyBorg and @the1andonlydrno, if you want me to use those, then please send me lossless stems (flac, wav, alac), or vcv rack patches

i sent a wav file via eMail, please let me know if this works for you

i have not received your email

2nd attempt to yngwin@gmail.com just sent without any problem if this doesn’t work, I load it in my mega account an give you the link

now I got an error message, here is the link https://mega.nz/file/xhYDhQwK#BYlaAazVhA0PTcdDa5jnfAjS3m0TwVLXFbMHkwWHE9k

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I’ve just sent you an email. I’m really interested to see how this will turn out, especially after the last 2!

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I am uploading but my connection being too slow it will probably be past midnight…

@the1andonlydrno that works! thanks.

@McMij received and i just sent you an email in response

@SyBorg i haven’t received that yet, but feel free to still send it in!

so far i have received contributions from:

Ananda Namaste
Brian Fields
Giovanni Gramegna
Hugh Wuailitt
Manifold Theory
Marc Brafman
Myst Mach
ravn revheim
The Quietist
Uncle Chrome

this is also how you will be credited, so if you want to change that, please let me know asap! i’m trying to get the artwork done before saturday, so that i do not have to care about that on the day itself.

if your name is missing from the list, then it means i did not receive your material, and some internet gremlins are holding it! please let me know in the next couple of days how to save it from them!

i am still looking for field recordings or random “unmusical” sounds for added atmosphere, things like breathing, handling an object, air escaping, a soft wind/airco/fan sound, etc.

cheers and thanks all!

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I’ll see if I can record something, but currently I’m living in a quite noisy place. roof making noise with wind, cars passing by everytime, peacocks and various birds 24/7, cats fighting at midnight…I think that if I record myself sleeping I will catch more of this than my breath (don’t worry: I cannot sleep for more than 4/5 hours without waking up…)

but somewhere I have an half of one hour of a kinda radio-style recording, picked up during a flight, not intentionally, of course I did not understand what they are talking about…unfortunately I don’t know if I can access it by tomorrow or by Thursday

p.s. please credit me as ale47p :+1:

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I made a wetransfer but perhaps got your mail wrong, anyway here’s a download link : https://we.tl/t-DGfVE0Km7x

for some reason this one (but not others from wetransfer) ended up in the spam filter…

Story of my life :smiley:

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I’ve just sent you some more samples via email - enjoy!

thank you so much!

I know I’m late, but I just sent you a wetransfer with some weird stuff, don’t know if it fits…it’s up to you :beers:

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happy drone day! here is our cover:

the download will come with a larger 2000x2000 pix version
i am now starting the mix.


and it’s done! now available as free download on bandcamp:

there was so much material for me to work with, that i couldn’t fit everything. i have to the best of my knowledge used at least one item from every person who sent me something. some material is buried a bit deeper in the mix, for continuity. so listen for details! headphones recommended.

a big thank you to all the contributors!


Very very nice :slight_smile:

And thank you! lol

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10 minutes in, so far liking it quite a bit!

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just finished listening, wow! Thanks a lot for this amazing work, I am proud to be part of it. :star_struck:

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