>> call for submissions: drone day 2022 collab <<

you have been lost for days, stumbling thru the wilderness. you wake up somewhat delirious from whatever you managed to eat or drink last night. you stumble out of the cave you spent the night in, and you see what looks like a hill further on. or it could be your fever dream.

slowly you climb on, accompanied by a drone of humming insects and the rustling of dried out vegetation, critters scurrying away.

then you reach the top, and to your astonishment you discern what appears to be the architectural remnants of an ancient civilization. a lizard catches a fly and darts away. the drone gets stronger. and then you hear… can it be?.. long lost tones, some kind of music, slowly weaving in and out.

this is where they find you, feverishly trying to catch the music.

now make recordings of some of the fragments that you remember you may have heard. it may be the drone, in a. it may be the wisps of music, in the scale of raga megharanjani in a, with the notes a - b flat - c sharp - d - f (a pentatonic scale based on the double harmonic major scale). it may be the atonal sounds of the critters or the rustling leaves.

here’s rewin showing what notes i’m using (on a drone in A):

as is our yearly tradition, any sound or stem that would fit in is welcome, and i will mix it together into one hour-long ambient drone piece on drone day 2022, may 28th.

recordings are preferred to be in flac, but any reasonable format will be accepted. i use 48kHz, 24 bits in my project (but other rates will be accepted). note that anything with a beat will be heavily processed, as it is not meant to be rhythmic. more ambient percussion such as in gobi by monolake is fine.

vcv rack patches are also welcome. i have most free plugins, but only a few premium ones (notably vult modules, vult mysteries, and stellare creative suite).

but it doesn’t have to be vcv rack. i also love mixing in vst softsynths, acoustic instruments, field recordings, etc.

don’t send me finished tracks, as it is really a collab project in which i weave together elements from different sources into one piece of music. i will apply very liberal amounts of reverb, so dry stems are perfectly fine.

you can send me stems or patches by google drive, dropbox, wetransfer, etc. you can email me at yngwin@gmail.com with your link(s). and let me know which artist name you want to be credited with.

for some inspiration, listen to what we have done in previous years:


oh and here’s the official drone day website, with events around the world:


you can also send me a direct message on here with your submission

Count me in, I was feeling a little lost and missing the ‘very cool patch’ type of things that were on this forum. I’ll see what I can make for you:>

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I don’t usually make drones, but did a few last month. This was probably the best one, happy to send a wav across if you’re interested:


That’s great Ben! I’ll try and produce something…


that sounds great! tho it appears to be in c. if you can make it in a, that would be great. alternatively, i can let my daw transpose it.

Thanks, yeah it’s in C but I’ve still got the patch so could re-record it in A. That would probably sound better than transposing the audio - I didn’t share the patch purely because I used a few instances of Supermassive VST and not everyone has the Host FX module.

I purposely use the same keys a lot, so then I can mash the audio dumps from different patches together and use it to make new stuff. I have hours and hours of weird noises in C Lydian and D Dorian because I’m basically lazy and can easily jam on the guitar without having to remember new scales ! :wink:

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Hoping this is the sort of thing you’re after…


cheers! i do have the vcv host modules, but i would advise to record without supermassive, as i’m going to apply my own instance or two (probably) of supermassive, to glue things more together in the same space.

hello there! it’s been a while since I don’t post here on the community, because of 1001 things to do (working, studying-at 39 lol-and finally building up my studio)…but I’m often using vcv rack in my audio world (let’s call it this way :slight_smile: ) and I’m always thinking about that day when I will be able to partecipate here as I used to do!

you g&g are an immensely inspiring community for me :heart:

of course I’ll do my best to send you something @ablaut, it’s been a pleasure in the past and I will enjoy it this year as well!

cheers :broccoli:



looking forward to your contribution!

i’ve also been on hiatus for most of the year since last drone day. but i don’t want to break this tradition!

what if the thing IS basically Supermassive? :wink:


Yeah, I was just about to reply and say I used it as more of a flanger actually! It’s set to a short delay time, and the delay and warp parameters are slowly modulated by 8FO in slow mode, which creates a lot of the movement in the sound. I think I used a few instances, so I can dial down any reverb if you’re going to add your own. :smiley:

yeah then it’s fine.

i usually send everything to one or two instances with long reverb tails, in different amounts.

I sent you a pm with my submission

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WeTransfer link sent to email

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i’m still looking for contributions, especially “field recordings”, small sound effects, etc. to add flavor, as in my initial description, something like the rustling of dried out vegetation, critters scurrying away

I’ve just sent you a Wetransfer

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cheers! got it