Hi there, other things on my youtube or soundcloud are (most of them) made with VCV Rack, but here I don’t post everything, because something is only a try…However, it is always my music…so…feel free to shoot :innocent:

The “2018” song is made with old version 0.6, and the part made with VCV Rack is the one on the background.

The “2019” song is made 100% with VCV Rack 1.0. It has been a challenge to me, I have looked for perfection.

This is the first time someone with good headphones or audio monitors is listening to them.

I use VCV Rack on Linux, I still don’t have an audio interface, just a pair of 55ohm headphones.

I love sawtooth and sine waves…and reverbs…of course :heart_eyes:

I would like to hear something from You :relaxed:

I Hope I am not breaking any rule

Cheers Alessandro


I don’t think so. The only loose guideline is that you should keep all of your songs in one thread.

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I know it sounds difficult, but it should be listened from the beginning to the end…

after all, it’s just a relaxation drone, one hour long :wine_glass:

this is a present to my friends, it’s just a simple melody.

it’s about love, and feeling the happiness from inside.

on tuesday night usually we meet at the bandhouse, have a coffee, two beers and play together.

5.30 a.m. / just pyjamas pants

big hug

A :broccoli:

p.s. music starts in few seconds


Molto bella. All’inizio, mi chiedevo perché stavi agitando le braccia. Forse troppi funghi. :woozy_face: :dizzy_face: Ma poi ho visto il Theramin.:relieved::clap::clap::clap:

ma parli italiano? :astonished:

thank you Rick…

p.s. be sure that if I’m awake at 5.30 a.m. I have already slept :sweat_smile:

just a simple drone, to be listened loud as hell.

I really think something in our brain can be triggered by frequencies, mostly when we unconsciously feel the transition from/to out-of-tune sounds. I hope it is something good/useful…

the slowly dying V/oct input comes from the doepfer ribbon controller, it could be done obviously in a simpler way, but I liked its behaviour…so… :broccoli:

I am posting a here the patch with instructions for the first post of this discussion

043_patch_ashram_k_2019_v2_drone_day_2020.vcv (58.9 KB)

just follow the instructions, if you want to change notes just put different values into the very first top row :beers:

another patch for a soft drone wind, audio device is NONE, so it should not start playing, but please mute the master button on the mixer before loading your audio device :wink:

047-ale47smoothness_drone_day_2020.vcv (65.0 KB)

here is how I use the Audible Instruments Texture Synthesizer (aka CLOUDS), usually I don’t use the attenuverters, but if you need to “limit” the voltage, it is already done

070_clouds_for_community.vcv (5.7 KB)

enjoy! A :broccoli:

waiting for Mr. Uli B. to release the clone (and to win the lottery without playing it) this is my take on the


I have been inspired by the manual and some videos I found online…I have never owned or played one, so feel free to tell me errors/mistakes but please be nice to me :sweat_smile:

069_ems_synthi_replica_no_map.vcv (121.9 KB)

I have also prepared a mapped version of the matrix using the Artura BeatStep Pro, but I cannot test it properly because my laptop goes 100% cpu. I have to wait to move to a new apartment (hope by the end of the month) to play with it on my tower linux pc…

warning: there is no mercy for the fans of your mac book pros :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


069_ems_synthi_replica.vcv (281.7 KB)

btw, the small/step pads are the “destinations”, the big ones are the “sources” (top row 1-8 / bottom row 9-16)

to simulate the insert of a pin on the matrix, just hold one source and tap one destination, or vice versa

only 16 encoders are mapped, if you have another controller just map it by yourself…I think I will duplicate the “project” on the bsp and change just the CC number for the encoders, so switching from project2 to project3 will give me every knob mapped

enjoy it

A :broccoli:


Hey Alessandro,

I just tried your Synthi patch, I’m having a lot of fun with it! I’m finding some nice vowely sounds I hadn’t found before :slight_smile: I really like the layout too, it’s easy to find where everything is. In my own recreations I chose to put all the stuff that’s under the hood off to the side to free up the interface, your knob layout could also easily accomodate this.

What surprised me was the way you managed to get the triangle-to-saw shape down with such a simple solution! I have tried so many different methods and only got it to morph correctly in one direction, the other one gets close but is unstable, I have to implement this in my version too!

I would like to suggest some minor improvements:

-Oscillator 1 shape results in doubling the frequency on extremes, I found a quite neat way to get the correct shape without changing the frequency, using a synced up Bidoo TiARE with control over the X axis of the phase distortion curve.

-For Osc 2 and 3 you can simply ditch the EvenVCOs since you already have a squarewave with PWM at your disposal from the Bogaudio VCO, which makes the waveforms line up just like it’s described in the manual. This way you also fix the synchronization issue both these oscillators have, and the Bogaudio VCO can easily be switched to be an LFO

-The filter volume was a bit low, so I turned the Drive knob up, although I would suggest routing the Filter Level control to the Drive CV input on Lateralus, so you can really drive the signal into distortion

-The reverb was clipping so I turned the input volume down to 50%

All in all I think it turned out really well, I don’t know how close our recreations sound to the original of course, I would love to be able to play the real thing someday, Until then I will continue to play with this one a bit more, I will let you know what else I find! I could send you my revised version if you like?


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I recorded a video with your Synthi with some modifications, definitely a lot of fun!

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thank You @Deev , I’m glad you liked it, I think you’ve made a fantastic job!

unfortunately I did not managed to morph the wave with the “vertical” side of the trianlgle “really vertical”, I remember Nick Batt in a SonicState video talking about the importance of the “vertical” side but…who knows how the original one sounds like? :sweat_smile:

thank you for all of your suggestions!

of course you can modify “my” patch…it’s an honor, I will knock the door for the modified one as soon as I move to the new apartment and turn on my tower pc again…so I will work back on this patch :sunglasses:

you can use the BZ-mapper to shape it, any way you want

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Antonio, the problem is that it’s impossible to know every module of yours! :rofl:

of course I’ll take a look at it! :sunglasses:

born in less than 2 hours, it’s been 3 days I can’t listen to anything else…do I have to worry about?

here’s the (self generative) patch

015_challenge_drone_ambient_ale47p.vcv (127.5 KB)

hope you enjoy it…cheers :broccoli: