Audible Instruments Texture Synthesizer: How do you use this?


As from the topic’s title, how do you use Texture Synthesizer from Audible Instruments? I know that a lot of people love this module but I can’t really appreciate it. Can you change my mind? :smiley: I personally can’t find a real application in my patches and always coming out with crapping sounds/textures :rofl:

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you can grab some ideas from my video


take a look at the last row of this post

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I used it for process (freez to create drone / as granular processor) the sound of tape loops :

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If you don’t want the “granular synthesis” sound then it’s not ideal. You can use it for pitch shifting and reverb though. Having said that the first time I tried it I couldn’t get any sound to come out at all. It was very frustrating because various things that I’d heard about Mutable Instruments were the reason that I got into VCVrack and modular in general. Then I realised that the density knob is “off” at mid way through it’s range.