>> call for submissions: ambient movember 2023 <<

for the last twenty years november has been a month in which attention has been given to men’s health issues. and in some places november 19 is celebrated as international men’s day. this year the theme is “zero male suicide”, as especially in the western world far more men commit suicide.

to highlight this problem, and to encourage people to take action whether in person or financially, i thought it would be a good idea to make another drone mix, as i usually do for drone day.

i decided to use the lydian augmented scale on f, which has the notes f - g - a - b - c# - d - e.

any sound or stem that would fit in is welcome, and i will mix it together into one long ambient drone piece in the weekend of november 11-12.

recordings are preferred to be in flac, but any reasonable format will be accepted. i use 48kHz, 24 bits in my project (but other rates will be accepted). note that anything with a beat will be heavily processed, as it is not meant to be very rhythmic. (more ambient percussion such as in gobi by monolake is fine.)

any length is fine, from one second ‘incidental’ sounds, to two-hour field recordings / drones / etc. i can always select passages, or weave things in and out.

vcv rack patches are also welcome. i have most free plugins, but only a few premium ones (notably vult modules, vult mysteries, and stellare creative suite).

but it doesn’t have to be vcv rack. i also love mixing in vst softsynths, acoustic instruments, field recordings, etc.

don’t send me finished tracks, as it is really a collab project in which i weave together elements from different sources into one piece of music . i will apply very liberal amounts of reverb, so dry stems are perfectly fine.

you can send me stems or patches by google drive, wetransfer, dropbox, etc. you can email me at yngwin@gmail.com with your link(s), or send me a personal message on this forum. and let me know which artist name you want to be credited with.

looking forward to what you send in this time!


I will send a vcv patch asap.

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Lydian augmented is a great choice of scale! One of the modes of the melodic minor, which are all interesting. I’ll try to contribute something.

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patch sent via pn

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I’ve sent a link via email.

one week left to send in your submissions!

last call!

so far i have submissions from:


something came up this weekend, so i wasn’t able to do this project. i will need a few more days.


Hey @ablaut now that you are back, (hope everything is ok with you) are you still planning on creating this? No pressure, but would love to hear it if you did put in any effort.