>> call for submissions: drone day 2021 collab <<

drone day is coming up on may 29th this year, and like the previous three years i will make a long-form drone and publish it for free download on bandcamp, with contributions from you guys and gals!

previously we made this:

this year i will be making the drone again in e, but using the pentatonic hon-kumoi-joshi scale. in e this scale is e f a b c. the lack of 3rd and 7th gives it a haunting, floating, unresolved character.

maybe, similar to last year’s drone, we can at the end resolve it to e major. so if you want to submit something for that, let me know.

this year i want to go for a theme of forgotten technology. i’m imagining some early industrial era lo-fi electronics and steampunk vibes.

so, please send me your stems, field recordings, and anything else that would fit in a drone piece. i will mix it all together into one long-form drone.

i would prefer your stems to be dry, or with just a short reverb, as I will apply a long lush reverb in the mix.

dropbox, google drive, wetransfer, etc should all work just fine. lossless files (flac, wav) preferred. you can email me at yngwin@gmail.com with your link(s).

deadline: wednesday may 26th.


If I can find the time in the next few days I would very much like to make a contribution. :alien: How long should the track last?

anything between one second and one hour…
i can always cut, process, etc.

some people like sending multiple shorter recordings, others a half-hour experiment. all is welcome and i’ll see what i can do with them.

if you listen to the projects from previous years, you’ll see that i try and make an organic whole out of them.

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Just shared something with you via Dropbox. I think I pressed the share button before I finished typing the message, so it might just say, “Further…” and then nothing else. :smiley: Edit: It’s basically five minutes of this patch… (careful when you first open it as it can get loud.)

0008 Radio 2020 B.vcv (30.8 KB)

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I will totally try to make something for this. It sounds awesome :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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Can’t I just put a link on here from Soundcloud with a few of my drones? O go on go on! Just making some now in my rendition of the Ultomaton in VCV Rack. Or if I can get wetransfer.com to work, I could use that!

Just sent 2 files via wetransfer-hope they make the grade!

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received, and thanks for the support!

see also [now available] Drone Day 2020 collab - #4 by ablaut for more clarity on the way i work

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Hi, I sent you my tracks via wetransfer, they are in a folder titled “V”. Greetings :alien: :vulcan_salute:

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i have already received some good stuff. but i’m hoping for more!


  • simple drones in e, that i can fade in and out of
  • atonal textures
  • recordings of machinery or old tech (radio noise, dial-up modem, etc)

I can supply drones in E, just made some, also approximations of electrical m/cery in VCV Rack. Would tape machine mc hum do? I’ll send by wetransfer again a bit later on. Right just sending now!

Sending you 4 files…

Not sure whether this is what you want but here is a set of 5 (with the patch to generate more if necessary) in tuning E3, F3, A3, B3 and C4. The tuning mainly affects the overtones.

Each section is 57 seconds long with a small lead-in lead-out but I think you can cut in anywhere and loop using crossfading tricks. Samples are including in the patch zip.

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Hey @ablaut, here’s a WeTransfer link to some stuff I hope you find useful. I included some VCV texture samples I had lying around, some radio samples, and a long field recording. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Everyone else is free to download them as well. :grin:

Cheers, :pineapple:

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Contribution sent via email, hope it makes its way over to your side of the planet! :slight_smile:

okay, this is starting to shape up! i’ve got lots of wonderful contributions. here is the cover image i plan on using:

the list of contributors i have currently is:

Alan Holding
Fabio Keiner
Marc Boulé
Michelangelo Fois
Pineapple Dave
The Quietist
Worker 13

if i missed you, let me know! if you wish to be attributed differently, let me know!


@augment better now?

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Congratulation everybody, nice work