Pure Data added to VCV Prototype

After a successful fundraiser (Fundraiser: Pure Data for VCV Prototype) to add Pure Data support to VCV Prototype, Clemens Wegener and Max Neupert (@max2) from CHAIR have released the first version of their libpd Prototype engine which makes this possible.

To get started with Pure Data, download it and read one of these tutorials made by Pure Data users or watch tutorials on YouTube.

To make a Pure Data patch in VCV Prototype, right-click on the Prototype panel, choose “Set Pure Data application”, and locate your installed Pure Data application. (e.g. C:/Program Files/Pd/bin/pd.exe on Windows, /usr/bin/pd-gui on Linux, /Applications/Pd-0.50-2.app on Mac). Then right-click on the Prototype panel again, choose “New script”, and save to any location with a .pd extension. Pure Data will automatically launch with the template patch. When you save your patch, VCV Prototype will automatically reload it.

Tutorials and videos for using Pure Data with VCV Prototype will soon be available, but it is now ready to try using VCV Prototype v1.3.0, available from its VCV Library entry.


Awesome! Although my experience with Pd limited only by few hours I tried using Automatonism and it works.


Small correction: One should always associate the pd-gui binary to open Pd files, not the pd binary. This way when opening a few files it won’t launch a new instance of Pd each time but open it in the Pd that’s already opened.

On Linux that’s /usr/bin/pd-gui or, if you manually installed a newer version (recommended if your distro doesn’t serve an up to date version in the repositories): /usr/local/bin/pd-gui

See my note-to-self here:

here is a working reverb with 5 parameters [stereo only]



Some examples in “Documents\Rack\plugins-v1\VCV-Prototype\examples” to try out - thanks. I’m going to try to get some arduino data in and out through this …

  1. Arduino Firmata https://github.com/firmata/protocol
  2. Pd Firmata https://puredata.info/downloads/pduino
  3. I use Deskpins to keep the puredata window on top
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@max2 Thanks for this gem, or rather, GEM ! One question: I fear the pd-gui executable is a Linux-only feature, or am I wrong about this?

Yes, that looks like Linux only. The pd executable on Linux is fine if you only launch one script, but as @max2 says, the pd-gui will avoid opening multiple instances if you try to open two PD patches at once.

All VCV Prototype users: How do you like the workflow of creating/editing scripts and Pure Data patches? Any obstacles when getting started due to how Prototype works?

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https://forum.pdpatchrepo.info/topic/3666/bbcut here you can download a pure data patche for automatic break beat rearrange