VCV Rack 2 teaser

Rosetta 2?

I saw it mentioned before (couldn’t find where) that Rack 2 Studio Edition will be free(?) for module devs…or something like that?

Could you confirm the pricing policy for devs?


“What is Computer?” LMAO !!!

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i mean using the binaries as is without recompiling. i dont know exactly how linkers work but now that i think of it, that probably wouldn’t work.

If any open-source plugins in the VCV Library aren’t updated by their developers by the release of Rack 2, we will attempt to build them using a version like 2.migrated.MINOR.REVISION.


SSE and AVX are part of x86_64, not ARM. Rack ARM builds will use NEON so only 128-bit SIMD will be available. The simd:: namespace in the Rack 3 API will support AVX and NEON. Plugin developers can use something like

for (int c = 0; c < channels; c += simd::float_max::n)

to use the largest SIMD type available at compile-time.


lol I have no idea what you mean. Will it work on my mac mini M1?

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Please check out all the other long threads on vcv on the new apples. And, yes.


Plugin developers with a plugin in the VCV Library will receive a free VCV Rack Studio Edition license a few weeks before its release, in order to test their plugins in their favorite DAW. We will use the email address or website in their plugin manifest to contact them with further details.


Ok great thank you

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We will not be testing Rack 2.0 on Apple M1 hardware. However, you may be able to run Rack 2.0 using Apple’s Rosetta 2 software.


wonderful thank you so much

I’ve been using VCV 1.1.6 on my M1 since January and I haven’t had a single issue with it. The Rosetta 2 wrapper is working very well.


Has “engine threads - real time priority” for Mac OS been enabled/fixed in 2.0?
As i am using the DImdeep fork now, instead of the official 1.x because of this.

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Someone said Christmas comes early this year. For me, every day is like xmas in VCV Rack. I can find unexplored territory every time I open it with hundreds of modules I’ve never patched with, a bottomless well of amazing video tutorials, and thousands of great examples on patchstorage. And thanks to this gift-giving software, the inevitable growing interest in hardware synth. So excited for the release of VCV 2. Thanks @vortico et al. VCV Rack will always be a foundational cornerstone in my musical adventures.


Hell yes, VST integration with Ableton and my modular setup. Superb!.


Rack 2 processes modules in the audio thread instead of a separate “engine thread”.

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does this mean, in theory, a bypassed module could still provide some of its function- like a mixer, when bypassed, just doing a unity sum?

I think it means that a bypassed module can do anything it wants (including calling its own process() and thereby refusing to bypass). I assume that bypass conventions will be specified in the V2 API docs and may evolve from there. IDK if there are a ton of obvious use cases but I could imagine modules wanting to keep sync, consume control inputs, participate in expander relationships, etc. even in bypass. I’m guessing that processBypass() might not get overridden very often, but it’s very good (and very Rack-like) that it’s there.

Your example is interesting. A “powered” mixer becoming a unity mixer might be a little surprising, but on the other hand I’m not sure there’s a better bypass behavior for a mixer (since muting or picking a single input to pass on would be surprising as well).

Maybe someone will write an “active” unity mixer that, when bypassed, realistically simulates passive nonlinear mixing behavior, or an “active” mult that, when bypassed, realistically simulates passive mult voltage drop. Anyone? :slight_smile: