VCV Rack 2 teaser

I went through all the reactions and i’m surprised. No one questions the impact of the new gui on the performance except of one person with the old laptop. I’m on the mabook pro 16 and vcv hits it hard with it’s gui rendering, eats through the battery in no time, i am forced to use it in low-res mode to have more or less stable real-time sound performance…Is this issue solved in v2? Because if it’s not optimized the last thing it needs is some new fancy gui…again, i can talk only from the mac user perspective. There no doubt will be some wise person telling me to switch to linux or whatever so to answer it right away i will add that it’s not an option at the moment for me personally.

It is admittedly not super efficient with the graphics. if you have an intel mac laptop you need to turn down the graphics. If you have any other computer, including a mac tower or an imac or mini (or any windows computer or Linux) then you are fine.

If it doesn’t work well on the computer you have that is unfortunate. Maybe you need to find a different program to use?

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Awesome! Nice one @Vortico and crew.

Which instruction sets can be used in the new V2? Did you upgrade it from SSE3? Any hope for AVX/FMA?

Thanks :slight_smile:

Im on Mac, I dont use Logic so Im fine with a VST version first. I cant wait, this is amazing. Truly such an accomplishment. My money will be waiting. Hoping Malekko Heavy Industry comes soon as well

yes , it will be available

We’re not dropping support for non-AVX CPUs in Rack 2. That will come in Rack 3.


2010 Macbook Pro user here. I’m going to build a PC soon so I won’t even install 2 on this ancient machine.


great news, but if some developers dont get around to updating their plugins, will it just work to just install the v1 plugin and change the version in the plugin json to 2.x?

It sounds like many plugins will “just work” and many won’t? btw, are you imagining re-building these 1.x plugins, or using the binaries “as is”. In either case I don’t know the answer(s).

The migration guide says

The API of VCV Rack 2 has been designed to be nearly backward-compatible with v1 plugins. This means that 90% of plugins will only require a version update and a recompile

So they wont be binary compatible, they’ll need to be rebuilt.

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Congratulations on the upcoming release @Vortico

Thanks for continuing to work on this.

Does that mean it wont even run on an M1 machine?

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Rosetta 2?

I saw it mentioned before (couldn’t find where) that Rack 2 Studio Edition will be free(?) for module devs…or something like that?

Could you confirm the pricing policy for devs?


“What is Computer?” LMAO !!!

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i mean using the binaries as is without recompiling. i dont know exactly how linkers work but now that i think of it, that probably wouldn’t work.

If any open-source plugins in the VCV Library aren’t updated by their developers by the release of Rack 2, we will attempt to build them using a version like 2.migrated.MINOR.REVISION.


SSE and AVX are part of x86_64, not ARM. Rack ARM builds will use NEON so only 128-bit SIMD will be available. The simd:: namespace in the Rack 3 API will support AVX and NEON. Plugin developers can use something like

for (int c = 0; c < channels; c += simd::float_max::n)

to use the largest SIMD type available at compile-time.


lol I have no idea what you mean. Will it work on my mac mini M1?

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