Show me your Prototype PD patches

Hello! I’m getting started with PD inside VCV. Not looking for tutorials here, but rather for ideas. What have you done with it? I’m gonna use this post as a collector of ideas and examples. Cheers!

Giovanni, are you talking about PD Array?

Nope. I’m talking about this: Pure Data added to VCV Prototype - Announcements - VCV Community (

Ah…in that case, never mind. Thanks!

Guitar effects! I started learning some PD a few weeks ago, with the vague idea of making my own granular processor that I could use in Rack. So far I’ve only made basic delay patches, and not tried loading into Prototype. It’s a long term project but should work in theory. There are a few granular PD patches online which I could use, but most of them are set up for samples not live audio, so I’d need to modify them a bit. The problem I have is that realistically, I’m unlikely to code anything better than what we already have available - in VCV there’s Grains of Wrath, Clouds and the VoxGlitch modules and then I’ve just got Host, so I can use free VST FX such as Hysteresis, Fracture etc. None of these do exactly the effect I’m trying to create, so I’m still going to try it when I get time. I think you need an idea for something very specific that we don’t already have, otherwise you’re coding stuff that’s just much easier to do with existing modules (although it’s still a good way to learn).

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same as me, I started some days ago and my first idea for a patch is a guitar tuner

Some great ideas on this blog: Also, this is the best sounding granular patch that I’ve heard, but uses quite a few externals which I need to figure out before adapting for live guitar processing:

Combining this with plugins like Valhalla Supermassive would be mind blowing.

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