Pure Data inside VCV Rack?

How is this possible? I’ve never seen or heard PD being used in a program like VCV Rack. I just don’t get it. Any info on this would be appreciated.

I think you used to be able to run PD inside the Prototype module but I’m not sure it made it into Rack 2.

Edit: Pure Data added to VCV Prototype

I tested some short Pd scripts in the Prototype module for VCV Rack v1.x but found that I got much better results from an OSC connection between the two environments. I needed the GEM capabilities which, if I recall correctly, were not viable in Prototype then. Some brief examples:

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PlugData works fine here in Host, it’s Pure data as Au, LV2, VST3…


I built VCV Prototype for Rack2 and it mostly works (the JS and Pd integration work anyway).

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Nice ! Did you get a chance to test Faust integration? I wanted to learn it and thought vcv might be a fun environment to do so.

No, Faust and Vult are not working for me. JS, Lua and Pd are.