Hi, I am Daniele Zerbini, that sounds like a syncopated 6/8 name, but

please call me Dizzy, that is “D plus Z”, “noisy”, and reminds me of

one beloved trumpeter.

I live in Milan, northern Italy.

I make my day as a multimedia-frontend-web developer & backend

integrator, and it goes with it that I learned to love coding although

I lack of academic CS education. My education was quite eterogeneous

and took a skew informal path. After my diploma in scientific high

school, I was trained in architecture and CAD programming. But I never

got my degree, and rather, following a constant passion for music from

age 10 (I grew up along with the 70’s generation after all), during my

study&work life, I got a music theory license, an audio engineering

diploma at SAE - now I am poor for that :smiley: - and a 3-year classic

composition path at an academic musical institution in Milan. I have a

root of 5 years of classic piano education, but I played guitar for

years, and enjoy to play the accordion.

I occasionally had sound design and music for media commitments, not

related with my main job, and practice some field recording, but I am

quite new to the modular world, that I discovered while trying and go

deeper in the sound design process.

At the end of the day, I come to terms with the fact that music is not

my professional full-time job, but it was intended to be my

everlasting serious hobby. Naked and pure.

I like to listen to all music genres, but I particularly like jazz and

progressive rock, trip-hop and abstract electronica.

Then, I love classical, avant-garde and “contemporary-classic” music

conmposers, mostly Ligeti, Grisey, Donatoni, Lachenmann, and


Apart from music, I love sailing, and watching movies (although I miss

the story sometimes, to listen more carefully to the sound work).

I like to see have one common point with Andrew. I am used to practice

at my piano late in the evening. Although, since Rack crashed on my

head, I am more dedicated to patching virtual cables around and amaze

myself with waveforms spreading like blessings all around.