Alphagem-O - Epicycles

Collecting experiments and studies.

Starting out with Solar Flares.

Quiet, dark ambient, generative patch with 7 voices (piano, guitar, pad, percussion, bass, noise swell and ladder) for relaxation, balance and inspiration.

Piano, guitar and pad each play chords that are assembled on the fly by randomly adding on notes from Mr. Chainkov. Pianoid shows what is played.

Filling and clearing the Chainkov buffer is automated and timed, and random gates determine how many notes are playing.

Percussion and Bass patterns are triggered with uGraph.

Modulation (Walk, LLFO) was added to stir things up a bit. ShapeMaster fades voices in and out for variation.

Comments welcome.


Is there life on Enceladus?

Ambient generative patch.

ScaleCV and Diatonic CV turn Proteus pitch into chords, which fill ML’s Shift Register for pitch. Proteus also feeds Shifty by Path Set as a shift register for gates.

FM-OP as lead synth, supported by Supercell for occasional sparkle. Pad by docB as pad.


Ooh, that’ sound nice. Have you tried my “Harmony” to generate chords? Just curious - may not be your thing.

Thanks for pointing out these modules! I had not used them before, so now took them for a spin. Probably have not embraced their full potential yet, but already love them :slightly_smiling_face:.


Thanks, that sounds cool! “Full potential” is up to the artist, right? :wink:

The plugin is brilliant; it’s artists and scientists who yearn to uncover its wonders, albeit from different angles.

Wonderful patches going on! I was curious how you have panels that look like custom panels with light in them. ie moon and sun.

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Using Computerscare “Custom Blank”, you can set the image luminance in a dimmed room.


An entry to the Ambient Morph Challenge (February 2024). Initially, the piece was named ‘Metamorphosis’, but then I thought ‘Morphogenesis’ to be more apt.

Alphagem-O wrote:

Alright, here is my first entry. It’s a start, but I’m sure I will continue my quest for a good morph :slightly_smiling_face:.


I find naming the thing harder than making the thing almost every time.

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Where Spacetime Ends

Ambient semi-generative patch. An exercise to create endless, smooth, light, random chord swells floating into each other. Added a couple of string and pling voices, complemented with a noise swell and sparse percussive elements. A slewed sine wave adds some eeriness. Shapemaster is used for arrangement. Overall a serene scene attempting to paint the infinity of the universe.


I think I’ll have to give Harmony a try. Your Arp Doodle Study sounds great.

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Thanks! I would agree that both Squinktronix modules, Harmony and Arpeggiator, are worth a try.

Sounds from the Nucleus

Spent a little bit of time and had lots of fun with the Nucleus module from cosinekitty’s Sapphire plugin. This resulted in the demo patches below.


Tell the Truth

An entry to the ArpHarmony Challenge March 2024.

The notes of one of the arps are translated into gates for a tabla (Tala, Seaside Modular) and routed to different sounds depending on their pitch. This was accomplished using a simple comparison script for BASICally (Stochastic Telegraph). The rhythm periodically changes randomly (NoteSeq16, JW).


SapphireFix Challenge April 2024

Whales and Dolphins, singing and dancing

An imaginary underwater landscape, where the animals sing and dance joyfully (in their own way).

I started out with the vision of marine sounds against a bassline, and once again getting there turned out to be much harder than anticipated.



4 voices: Bass, string, and high and low-pitch noises from Elastika and Tube Unit, respectively.

8-step ostinato of a heavy bass with moving timbre from Sine VCO. String from Palette, with modulated timbre.

Sequence from 8Seq with occasional random gate dropouts, and slight root note variation from Slips.

Sapphire Nucleus, Glee and Frolic modulate all kinds of things. Trans- and cross-modulation adds variety. Modulation of the Speed knob of Nucleus makes its signal jump around, sometimes slow, sometimes fast.

ShapeMaster for panning and volume control in the arrangement.

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Second entry to the SapphireFix Challenge April 2024.

Endangered Woods

Soft pad with a slight presentiment of devastation that looms with careless disturbance of a delicate balance.