ArpHarmony Challenge (March 2024)

I really enjoyed it. See Meander after a long time. thanks for your patch.

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Hi, here’s my entry. Unfortunately I wasn’t paying super close attention when I was recording the video and I didn’t realize it was over 5 minutes until I uploaded it but I don’t feel like you really miss anything by ending it early the way it’s arranged. Let me know if I need to edit down the video, though, I’m happy to.

Oceanic Refrains Video Link:

Patchstorage: Oceanic Refrains | Patchstorage

Unfortunately as I new user I can’t upload the attachment.



This is nice! just listened to the youtube.

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not a huge number of entries, but the ones that are here all sound really good to me.

Oh wow, that’s a really nice tune! Very cinematic.

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Here is my submission. It’s a semi-generative ambient patch woven around a tabla beat. Uses one Harmony and three Arpeggiator modules (both Squinktronix).

Tried to do something slightly different here: The notes of one of the arps are translated into gates for a tabla (Tala, Seaside Modular) and routed to different sounds depending on their pitch. This was accomplished using a simple comparison script for BASICally (Stochastic Telegraph). The rhythm periodically changes randomly (NoteSeq16, JW) and also is different every time the patch is run, so it becomes a syncopated, polyrhythmic-ish, electroautomatic improvisation dispersed in the luminiferous aether of the unknown, LOL.

Other rhythmic elements emerge from the Euclidian sequencers Eugene and Polygene (both Rare Breeds). A lead, pad, kick and washy snare fill empty spaces.

RGATE (Bogaudio) is guided by 8Face (stoermelder) to change clock divisions, selectively speeding up or slowing down the tempo. Arranged using ShapeMaster (MindMeld).


Sounds great from the video! I think an edit is not necessary. Hope I’ll find time to look at the patch soon.

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Great challenge for me as I have had a lot of fun trying these two out. Thanks for the work you’ve put in. This piece for the SquinkTronix ArpHarmony challenge uses four voices each linked via an Arpeggiator or Harmony module. Each occupies a separate row in the patch.

  1. Arpeggiator working with 8 random pitches from 8vert with the arpeggio direction/order determined randomly from six.
  2. Harmony generates a four part chord per note of the arpeggio.
  3. Harmony do the same but less frequently
  4. Arpeggiator working with the chord from the Harmony row 3.

I was very interested to explore the harmony of Harmony contrasted again the un quantized input. The STRIP module from stoermelder is such a handy module for the randomizing. I also use it a couple of times to turn off the 8vert. Harmony does a return to smooth harmony beautifully when that happens. I’d never come across either module so thanks for the challenge poking me in the right place! I hope you enjoy the results.

You can download the patch at

edit youtube link


This is amazing music! I would have thought that the patch was much more complex, but Meander does a lot of the leg work. Well done!

I really would like to improve on wrapping my head around Meander. Beside the written manual, is there a concise video tutorial you could recommend?

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Thank you for your kind words. I am not aware of a tutorial video for Meander. I don’t make videos myself, which is one reason I try to upload most of my Meander patches to the forum here. Since all Meander parameters are designed for automation via CV in-ports, the number of configuration permutations and combinations is truly astronomical.

But, I love the Squinktronix modules and how easy it is to get Meander to work in partnership with Harmony and Arpeggiator.

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Thank you for the quick reply! I don’t do video tutorials either. A good video can take a tremendous amount of work to create, so I understand your decision quite well.

I like how @stoermelder enriches his manuals with little GIF animations that often capture the essence of a module/function in just a few seconds. Not sure whether they are less laborious to produce, but perhaps this could be an alternative. It’s just an idea, not suggesting anything.

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Yeah, Meander has 85 parameters.


I thinks this is really very good! Love the music and the mix is so clean. Nice work!

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Thank you…Sometimes I think a “clean” mix is great. I then work on it for a long time until it’s just right for my ears.

Sweet! :dancer:t2: :man_dancing:t2:

I am sitting on the beach. Well done!

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I absolutely enjoy your tabla. I think I will definitely have to use this instrument again. I really forgot about it.


Thank you! Before experimenting with this patch, I hadn’t loaded Tala in a long time either.

Sneak peek :slight_smile:


Your patches are so interesting, that’s so almost off it keeps you listening to try to “get it”. Just great.

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