ArpHarmony Challenge (March 2024)

So, here is a new VCV challenge for the month of March 2024 … anyone interested?

Create a shiny VCV patch that meets the following criteria:

  • must contain at least one instance of each of Squinktronix’ modules Harmony and Arpeggiator

  • anywhere between 2 and 5 voices; at least 2 of the voices must contain either Harmony or Arpeggiator or both in the path

  • any use of the two modules is possible; non-obvious applications are highly welcome (but not required)

  • in addition, use any free plugins from the current VCV Library

  • tag entries “ArpHarmony March 2024

  • submit your entries here before or on Sunday, March 31, 2024

  • post patch on Patchstorage, if possible, and/or in this thread

  • post audio and/or video on YouTube and/or Soundcloud; run time should be between 2 and 5 minutes

Links to interesting submissions (at the discretion of the developer) will be added in the module manuals for Harmony and Arpeggiator. Be prepared for eternal fame! :smiley:


Is recorded video/audio mandatory? My conditions are these: maybe I can record the audio if I can create an intelligent patch that plays something beautiful without eating up the CPU, I certainly can’t record the screen, at most I can record a banal video with the smartphone but not I see a use for it.

Audio/video is helpful but not mandatory. If you are limited by your CPU, I’d suggest that you post the complete patch, and I or someone else in the forum with more ‘juice’ will try to create the audio or video for you.


Most vcv recorder will record without glitches, even if the audio sounded glitchy while recording


I have seen the same thing. I have had all kinds of glitching while performing a patch, then I listen to (or watch) what I recorded and it’s just fine.


Same here. For me, it seems to be directly related to the Rack window size. I can get better audio during a recording if I reduce the size of the Rack window quite a lot. (I can edit in Rack when it fills the screen of my 4K monitor, but when recording, I shrink the window to at least 25% of the screen).

I compensate by zooming the modules so they still fill the window. This usually means they are so teeny that I can’t read labels - but that’s usually OK since I only have a handful that I need to tweak during the recording and I don’t need to see them all that well. The resulting recording is usually rendered such that the modules don’t appear to be small at all.

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Oh, it’s a well known fact. It’s because the recorder is in the signal graph as all the audio stuff. So it and plugins take too long and a cause a glitch, the recorder isn’t going to record it. Time stops for everyone when that happens.


Here is my submission for the ArpHarmony Challenge (March 2024)

This is a “duet” between my Meander module and the Squinktronix Harmony and Arpeggiator modules. Meander provides the chord progression and various rhythms as well as playing an accompanying melody and arp in the same key as Harmony and Arpeggiator. Meander provides the progression chords root to Harmony. Arp provides an arpeggiation of the Harmony 4 voice chords. There is a lot of parameter automation going on for Meander. This is in A-maj (Ionian) and is a traditional 12 bar blues progression. BASICally provides two scripts to translate between Meander mode and root and Harmony mode and root so that Harmony plays in the same key a the Meander.

Squinktronix ArpHarmony Challenge Blues.vcv (13.3 KB)


Sorry for misspelling Squinktronix! I just now noticed :crazy_face:

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I have the same issue, with most of my patches any attempt at screen recording renders the patch / performance unusable. I’m on a MBP M1 Pro with 32gb ram and still get into Pinwheel hell when I try to use the record module along with a patch that is generating. Also FYI my patches are running on single thread usually at below 50% CPU so not sure why this is happening. If you are on a Mac I’ve had better luck using Quicktime although not as easy it seems to be stable for me. Just a thought.

check this thread:

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thanks for the tip

It’s beautiful! It may be a 12 bar blues scheme, but it also sounds very classical at the same time.


Ok here is my small contribution for the ArpHarmony March 2024 Challenge. The sequence is called “Finnish Ruisleipä”, which literally means “Finnish rye bread”. I think the sequence is pretty dry. That’s why the name. BTW…Squinktronix Plugs" are pretty neat and I use them a lot when it comes to arpeggio stuff. It actually took me a long time to get these plugins to work for me. But that was another highlight.

To start this Patch.

Hit Spacebar to reset all the stuff. Click on the Master fader. 8Face has 8 snapshots 1 to 8 For me I Start with 2,3,4,5,6,7,8 (from Top to down) This is just for to mix the faders.

Finnish Ruisleipä.vcv (2.0 MB)


Very nice.

I really enjoyed it. See Meander after a long time. thanks for your patch.

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Hi, here’s my entry. Unfortunately I wasn’t paying super close attention when I was recording the video and I didn’t realize it was over 5 minutes until I uploaded it but I don’t feel like you really miss anything by ending it early the way it’s arranged. Let me know if I need to edit down the video, though, I’m happy to.

Oceanic Refrains Video Link:

Patchstorage: Oceanic Refrains | Patchstorage

Unfortunately as I new user I can’t upload the attachment.



This is nice! just listened to the youtube.

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not a huge number of entries, but the ones that are here all sound really good to me.

Oh wow, that’s a really nice tune! Very cinematic.

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