SapphireFix Challenge (April 2024)

Hello Marinko, welcome to VCV Rack and thank you for participating in the challenge, sounds great! Could you please add your patch file (.vcv) or a link to Patchstorage to your post?

I really enjoyed this, and I appreciate that you vibed with the idea of a didgeridoo. My long-time fascination with that instrument inspired me to to create Tube Unit in the first place. This was a lot of fun to listen to. I hope you keep creating and putting your work out into the world.

That’s the way I like it… aha aha… :smiling_face:

HI @Alphagem-O , you can download the patch from here:


Thanks for your kind words, @cosinekitty. I really enjoy working with your modules, especially Elastica for percussion…Your manual pointed me in the right direction here, as I was a bit struggling to sort stuff out myself…RTFM applies, as usual :slight_smile:

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Whales and Dolphins, singing and dancing

An imaginary underwater landscape, where the animals sing and dance joyfully (in their own way).

I started out with the vision of marine sounds against a bassline, and once again getting there turned out to be much harder than anticipated.



4 voices: Bass, string, and high and low-pitch noises from Elastika and Tube Unit, respectively.

8-step ostinato of a heavy bass with moving timbre from Sine VCO. String from Palette, with modulated timbre.

Sequence from 8Seq with occasional random gate dropouts, and slight root note variation from Slips.

Sapphire Nucleus, Glee and Frolic modulate all kinds of things. Trans- and cross-modulation adds variety. Modulation of the Speed knob of Nucleus makes its signal jump around, sometimes slow, sometimes fast.

ShapeMaster for panning and volume control in the arrangement.


A drone with a tuba lead – fascinating sounds! Like it!

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Captivating drone with a tom made in Elastika, intense electrical interference and water dripping from the ceiling. Well done!

Another janky creation…The video doesn’t quite capture the range. Silent up to 30 seconds sometimes, then an outbreak of chaos. Then delicate at times. Anyway, nothing terribly clever here except for cycling the clock on and off which allowed space to develop.


Like it! I always need to remind myself that “silence is an instrument”. Or you can record the snippets and compile them into a rhythmic adventure.

The sapphire stuff always seemed so vague to me. And whenever i looke up the manuals i get a headache from all the physics references. Add to that that I’ve been bouncing hard off of shapemaster through many attempts to wrap my head around it and this fixed rack is a nightmare to me. While I haven’t made anything yet that i feel is up to snuff to post, it does appear that I’m creating a soundtrack to that aforementioned nightmare lol. Sometimes it can be fun getting frustrated.

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I can relate to your frustration! However, part of the beauty in the Sapphire modules is that you can easily explore them without having the faintest idea of the physics behind.

For the modulators (such as Glee, Frolic or Nucleus), first viewing their outputs on a scope helped me to understand that they can be broken down to relatively simple movements.

And with the sound generators (e.g. Elastika, Tube Unit, and also Nucleus), you can start really simple with just a few cables and by moving knobs in small steps.

With some of the modules, right-clicking on the attenuverter knobs allows to set a ‘low sensitivity mode’ for fine control.

I also found the simple tutorial videos (links in the manuals) to be quite useful to watch and fun to rebuild.

Endangered Woods

Soft pad with a slight presentiment of devastation that looms with careless disturbance of a delicate balance.




Really nice! I particularly like the bird-like sounds that come forward around :20 and 1:10.

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Hi everyone. Seen one submission to the channel at reddit and became intrigued. Here is my submission.


As a new user, can’t provide more than one link in one post. And can’t attach patch to the message. Here is patch on Patchstorage.


Welcome to the forum!

Nice atmospheric creation. The variety of sounds is amazing, and the increasing intensity and tension in the ‘distorted taiko drums’ made me want to listen further to see what comes next. Well done!

Thanks! Changes in drum rythm from simply turning gain knob was unexpected but very welcome discovery.

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Here is the first one of (probably) two entries. Thank you for this interesting challenge! It’s fun, and I’ve learned a lot, not only about the Sapphire modules but other modules as well I’ve never used before.


Welcome to the forum! Cool patch! The increase in intensity over time is nice. The ‘mice in the attic’ sounds from Nucleus in Mixer tracks 5, 4 and 6 are pretty interesting.

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