Ambient Morph Challenge (February 2024)

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Until @ablaut returns, I’ll try to keep the tradition of challenges alive. However, I’m just filling in, not competing! Hope he doesn’t mind…

So, here is a new challenge … anyone interested?

Create a VCV patch of:

  • ambient music

  • slowly and smoothly morphing from beginning to end, thereby creating a clear sense of movement and progression in the arrangement

  • ideally, the end should be very, very different from the start, but without major jumps and cliffs on the way

  • less than 10 minutes

  • use any free plugins, but from the current VCV Library only

  • tag entries Ambient Morph Feb. 2024

  • submit your entries here before or on February 29, 2024. Post on Patchstorage, if possible. Audio and/or video on Youtube and/or Soundcloud.

Inspired by the question discussed previously at The ever-changing generative patch challenge?.


Someone has to be first :). See my attempt at


Very glad you started the challenge!

So far, I’ve tried a couple of times myself and did not come anywhere near your awesome track.

‘Retinal Barrier’ gave me the chills (in a good way) when listening. The progression is quite noticeable, yet smooth.

The link to Patchstorage does not seem to work ATM though.

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Thank you for the kind words!

I deleted the patchstorage upload after I realized that it included a full-length audio sample in Simpliciter which I don’t have the right to post. I’ve re-uploaded with the sample removed.

Thanks, the link works now!

Alright, here is my first entry. It’s a start, but I’m sure I will continue my quest for a good morph :slightly_smiling_face:.


Now checked this one out on headphones and discovered more sonic jewels. The track may not fully meet the challenge, but it is quite delightful to listen to.

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A gentle reminder that there are 3 more weeks to go for this challenge.

Submissions seem to be rather slow, is that true or to be expected?

Is the challenge too difficult? Would you have suggestions on how to change the ‘rules’ to make this more palatable?

Would love to listen to your sounds and ideas :smiley:.

FWIW, this challenge has been on my mind for days. I’ve got a few concepts floating around up there but the real challenge is finding time to sit at the machine and converting those ideas into voltages.

If I submit something, it’ll be at the deadline no doubt :sweat_smile:


Thank you, much appreciate your reply! I feel quite similar and can relate to the sentiment. Was just being curious.

For me, I started out thinking that coming up with progressing patches would be much easier. I had a long list of ideas and then realized that it was going to be more involved and consuming than I had anticipated.

And despite considerable effort into putting some of the concepts into practice, in the end some of the desired effects were only audible/noticeable when the listener actively paid attention to them. Or they just sound like they don’t belong at all. That came as a little surprise to me.

But there still is plenty of time :slightly_smiling_face:.

For me, the overall goal is (and should be) to have fun with the Challenge. So, if it becomes a chore, something should be changed. No one should think of having to meet any ‘deadlines’.

I am sure this community has some great tracks in store and I look forward to see how things will pan out.

This is an idea for the 2024 Ambient Morph challenge. It is different by the end but it is also the same. It concentrates on time as the main element of change with smaller developments in envelope and delay. The technique of using multiple quantizers with different offsets to form chords and arpeggios worked well for me. It’s doubtless not original but I haven’t seen it elsewhere. It runs for five minutes, but if you want longer (or shorter) just change the time on Frozen Wasteland’s excellent Seriously Slow LFO.

I hope you like it or find it useful

The patch can be downloaded at


Eight more days to go! Create, submit, enjoy :smiley:.


Oh a challenge. I don’t know exactly what it means but why not give it a try. I made a patch for a few days and posted this patch in Music & Patches. I think this patch belongs here.

The patch is based on the soundtrack of Blade Runner. The original patch comes from redmeansrecording which I partly used. This guy makes great “Sleep” patches.

There are two versions. One uses paid filters (Vult freak) and one uses free filters.

Running Blades with Vult Freak: Running Blades.vcv (14.5 KB)

Running Blades V2 Free Filter: Running Blades V2.vcv (14.4 KB)


The patch sounds great!

Can you make a version that uses only free modules from the VCV Library? I think that at least Vult Freak is a paid module (and some may not own it), but perhaps you can choose a worthy substitute?

I’ve tried a few times and gotten no where good. Franky, a patch that this challenge is asking for has been on my mind since I started using Rack 4 or 5 years ago. I have never achieved it, and my interests with rack have diverted to supporting my composition interests rather than pure experimentation. Even though I might not submit something it has re-sparked my desire to create a truely evolving patch. Thanks.

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From watching a number of your videos, which I really like :smiley:, I actually get the impression that you might be closer to home than you think. In your work, I hear a lot of variation, and notice techniques of transition and morphing. Would love to see one of your pieces here and learn from you.

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Good Morning, I have update my Running Blades. Has now 2 versions. Have a nice day!


Thanks for the encouragement. I guess what I mean is that I’ve never built patch where I don’t know what’s basically going to come next. I’m going to think on it and hopefully come up with something for the challenge. Cheers

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An incomplete list of crude ideas :smiley: for directional (or random) variation and morphing in a patch. Please add and comment as you see fit.

  • tempo: slow to fast (can e.g. drive with phasor)
  • volume: low to high
  • ADSR attack: long to short
  • ADSR release: long to short
  • percussion/drums: no/little to full
  • timbres: dark to bright, sine to saw, muffled to sparkling/shiny; tonal to noisy, innocent to :japanese_goblin: doomed
  • scale: minor to major, dark to bright, sad to happy
  • chords: triad to 7th/9th/sus2/sus4
  • chord voicing: closed to open
  • harmony: consonant to dissonant
  • melody: tight to loose
  • vocals: angelic to screaming
  • filter cutoff: e.g. LP closed to open
  • filter resonance: low to high
  • note density: low to high
  • note timing: regular to chaotic
  • note slide: short to long, small to large
  • modulation/morph slew: short to long
  • mood: tranquil/dull to hectic
  • energy/intensity: low to high
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Here’s my patch:

Basically it’s a melody, chords and a bass that are modulated by several instances of Bogaudio Walk. When the melody speeds up, chords and bass slow down. Every now and then a not is changed on ML Quantum, which makes for interesting modulations. Give it some time and very strange things will happen…