Twitch embeded video broken/error

Past Twitch video links are now showing an error:

"Whoops! This embed is misconfigured.

(Developers: Please check your browser console for more information)"

Example here ==> => jaynothin: VCV LIVE streaming and music thread

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If it’s a Discourse thing then the developers need to know.

console says (it’s inside the developer tools in most browsers)


Twitch embed error message:
[NoParent] parent query string value was not specified

Not being an developer, I can only say: "I don’t know what that means really? ":confused:

Does that mean it’s my browser? I tried 3 of them, but they’re all based on chromium. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


-Edge (new one)


they all show broken/error Twitch links

oh and I just found it’s not only my Twitch page links, all the other links on that page are the same. At least in my browsers:

Going by the docs the error linked to…

It is a mistake on your part, not the browsers you use. You probably forgot to fill out the parent string in the iframe code you’ve copied to get an embed player. That’s why it says it is misconfigured.

The “parent query string” refers to the text after “parent=”

It should be the address of the site you are posting the embed player into (in this case “” or “” should work, I guess)

For some reason though, I can’t even post an iframe right now, not even a broken one.

Tried iframe and script from the “embed” share button example of Twitch in my thread but nothing works.

what do you mean nothing works? your videos show up correctly now!

What??? You see them in my thread??? I still don’t :man_facepalming:

in the exact post you’ve linked they are fine.

Just to be sure, this is the image of what I get

That’s from an older post, where the parent string is not present or is misconfigured.

Just to be clear, I meant the post that starts with “This is a test:” has the correct embed players.

Btw the “Interactive” players from the twitch docs are no use for you on this forum (since you can’t run scripts), just use the iframe-only embed.

I seriously don’t understand, it seems as if I need a computer science degree from harvard just to copy paste a video link.

I now see the video image and it kinda work, but all old twitch post (not just my videos) are still dead.

I removed every iframe from the post, and now all it shows is the link like I use to do, and it works, but not the old one, and they have the same links as the new one (except different video #numbers)

I just don’t get it

Did a new post, pasted a new link the old way :wink: ex.:

without any iframe or any other types of code and it works

Now, if I have any kinda of logic left in this brain, something tells me that If I edit my very first post, maybe adding the “parent” thing, then maybe, just maybe it’ll correct all following posts ???

Got to try it. :crossed_fingers:

It would seem that my logic is : FLAWED


Oh, I didn’t know the forum handled creation of the iframes for you.

Sorry for being misleading then.

In this case it’s up to the forum to use to correct iframe parameters (which it seems it does then?) and you just need to paste a link.

The thing I’m confused about is what was wrong in the first place, how did you try to do it the first time? I doubt the forum got fixed since that, but that’s also possible.

maybe it’ll correct all following posts ???

Previous posts have no effect on future posts though.

I didn’t do anything, I just checked my thread yesterday and found all the video links were showing the errors.

I didn’t even had any intention of posting anything.

And today I found that other twitch users link on other posts are the same, so it wasn’t me who did something to get the error.

So all I did today is try and put the iframe and/or the javascript code, and somehow it worked for the last 2 posts.

Don’t know if I answer your question sorry.

I suppose it might be a recent change on twitch’s part to require this “parent string” and the older posts are saved with iframes that were generated using the old method (which produce broken embeds now).

So just pasting the link should work from now on but old posts need to be changed manually to have working players.

Cool channel btw!

Well, by “re-editing” the old posts, the video on each post comes back to life :smiley: