Twitch embeded video broken/error

Sorry VCV community for “spamming/editing” my thread, but I don’t know of any other ways.

I’ll be quick, and be done with it.

I fixed all old posts.

This is so weird, because all I did, was to select the link in the post, alt-x it and re-paste it, and it worked after saving.

I didn’t add or retract, nor did I changed anything.

anyway, thanks for your help and your time @unlessgames

But the bad thing is that, everyone that posted a Twitch video link ( VCV Rack Livestreamers - Twitch, YouTube, etc ) in their posts will have to do the editing work, unless something is done by the devs I guess?

My guess is that when you create a post, the forum looks for links to generate iframes from but after generating one, it saves it with the post as it is. So until a post gets edited the generation will not run again.

Fixing all past posts would require some custom scripting on the maintainer’s part.

Not sure what were they thinking at twitch when they made the change though, breaking every embed player on the internet. Imagine if youtube did this…

Glad I could(n’t) help :slight_smile:


I was curious and googled a bit, and it looks like this bug, due to recent Twitch API changes, was signaled at Discourse Meta forum - - and fixed a couple of week ago by reconfiguring the Discourse Onebox library, so new embeds are now sanitized and work politely, but yes, old ones apparently need to be regenerated, and this is quite annoying for users.
I read also that other platforms like phpBB and Drupal had to commit code patches to comply with the new Twitch embed specs, and issues are not yet fully solved for different hybrid mobile applications, that embed Twitch players in common WebView components.

Twitch have been making a lot of (unpopular) layout changes recently as well.

Mmmh, I see…