VCV Rack Livestreamers - Twitch, YouTube, etc

This (constantly updated) list is not meant as an endorsement or a guarantee that any one of these channels is currently broadcasting VCV, or even music related content. Also, keep an eye on channels who are hosting, in case more take up streaming :wink:

(Edit 3 May 2019: I’ve changed the formatting to reduce load times)



@dronehands :


@dag2099 :

@earthvomit :


@PaulPiko :


Deadmau5 (yes, THAT Deadmau5):


Flowmood135 (Thanks @Jaynothin):

Mumphster (Thanks @Jaynothin):

KyleTheWynner (Thanks @Jaynothin):

@Patman :

Vencabot: (Some absolute basics content)





I have infrequently streamed Rack on Twitch. Most of the videos have expired; and there are only some tests in the archive. But it’s likely there’ll be something over the break.

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Thanks for the mention, it’s always nice to be remembered. Just so people know i stream every day (if i can) for about an hour (maybe 2) and i have no plans to stream anything other than VCVrack for the forseeable future.
Other than deadmaus the only streamer i can think of that’s not on that list that does vcv stuff is mastermargherita:

If anyone should check me out I’ll be doing psychedelic December until the end of the year.

is deadmau5 actually streaming vcv? I saw exactly ONE attempt from him months ago…

also, I basically grabbed a chunk of people from Jaynothin’s chat / hosts :slight_smile:

His latest stream was late November, but he’s streamed it maybe 10 times, total 30 hours or so.


He’s definately done it more than once or twice. i’ve also seen him in other VCV channels talking to people about it (notably Dronehands) so he does use it.

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It’s Sunday here. Think I’ll ty making some Blade Runner noises on Twitch - without VSTs this time. I’ll go live in 45 minutes (12.30pm Australian Eastern, 1.30 UTC, 8.30pm US Eastern, 5.30pm US Pacific)

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Thanks for including me. Itś true that I am AFK a lot. But a lot of time goes into preparing that AFK streaming.



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Brand new updates!

shameless self promo! I started streaming!


Updated May 3, 2019. Fixed the formatting to stop loading every channel.

Also added Vencabot

Right now is streaming some vcvrack. Answering the age old question “what happens if you plug a quantussy ring in to all the cv controls of Modal Synthesizer?”


Thank you for the shoutout, @dag2099 - I’m honoured. If anyone needs me, I’ll be standing in the shadows of the creative geniuses listed above.

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…not sure if sarcastic? :wink:

Not even the smallest Kappa. There’s enough aural goodness coming from even HALF the streamers listed for it to be an honourable mention.

All streamers: @ablaut has challenged everyone to use this set 3 row x 104 HP rack for at least one stream between now and June 10th!

A few days ago someone calling themselves “vortic0” (note the 0) started following people on Twitch, including myself. According to witnesses this person did not sound much like Andrew himself in chat and we’re a bit concerned about the identity of this person. Can anyone advise?