VCV Rack Livestreamers - Twitch, YouTube, etc

That’s me, no worries.


Although can you post a screenshot of a transcript? I don’t know if twitch allows duplicate usernames or something.

We we’re wondering why not vortico instead of vortic0 :wink:

I just got an email saying dag followed me, so I’m pretty sure you’ve got the correct account.

I guess vortico was taken when I registered my account.

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fair enough, and thank you for following us ( a bunch of us) on twitch, we all noticed it :smiley:

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If I may ask, what do you mean by screenshot of a “transcript” ?

I think, he just wants to see what “he” said. Just find the Dronehands VOD.

Oh ok I get it now. Dronehands doesn’t keep VOD so it’s gone for good now.

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I thought to signal to rackers that posted in this discussion, that it looks like Twitch player’ embeds in the thread possibly need to be regenerated (simply editing and re-saving the post should do the trick). This issue was recently raised by @jaynothin - one can see this other recent thread in the forum for reference: Twitch embeded video broken/error

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I’m streaming VCV Rack v2 at Nothing too special; most of the features are from earlier this year.