=> jaynothin: VCV LIVE streaming and music thread

Hey! So you are! I should announce my livestreams from time to time.

Not obvious to announce it in here in the forum, down the layer of posts. But it’s better than not doing it right?

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– LIVE – Experimenting a " Metaphysical Engine " VCV patch.

Come and join

The addiction is deep rooted.

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  • Sunday LIVE stream -

check previous message for the twitch link to the broadcast channel.

I’m still messing with the “Mechanical Engine” project.

I see only “stream starts soon” :wink:

Oh, yeah I was making sure everything was ok before “starting”, and now as I type this I’m in a BRB screen :wink:

But I’m back really soon


Cool sounds and beats. Where can one get the MSCHack KB9 and LFOEdit? They look interesting.

Thanks, I’m glad you liked it.

For the mscHackPRO modules, all I can suggest is that you ask him yourself because I have no clue as to “if and/or when” he’s going to release them. I’ve only been fortunate to beta test everything so far.

you can also join his discord here: https://discord.gg/UNxathS

This invite is open to anyone btw.

Good swingy grooves on today’s (Jan 25) twitch.

Thanks @rickglasser I’m glad you like it, and I’m guessing you mean yesterdays VOD? :slight_smile:

I’m contemplating streaming in a few min. I was trying to find a specific, (older), patch before and I’m starting to get really lost in my files. I have over 200 :woozy_face:

I’ll probably make some from scratch again. Anyway…

Highlighted a part of the stream that I did last night. (Jan 26th 2020)

This was the last part of the 6 and half hour stream where I played and tweaked the patch named “Electrical Wind” that was “updated” from 0.6 to V1.






Metaphysical Engine patch experimentations

VCV Rack addict





Time Droplets

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New tune, new video sharing platform.

Door Bell


What’s the appeal of this new platform?

I don’t know what to say, I wasn’t trying to “sell” this platform, I’m just using it for “archiving” purpose. I guess, if you’re curious about it, that you might want to check the FAQ section yourself?

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Nice soft jazzy vibe.

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Fireflies Can Dance

From a LIVE performance. Patch was made from scratch on that stream, but I only highlighted the last 50min of it. (total 5 hours+)

Catchy, ambient, with a changing mood to an oldie, simple, square beat, but hey, I’m an oldie so…

I’m gonna work some more on this patch.

Hope you enjoy :smiley:

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LIVE on Twitch

VCV - Fundamental Core self inflicted challenge - Lord, forgive me, for I have SYNth