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Hey everyone ! Been a while since i did some music with VCV rack, so here is a patch i really like and recorded :blush:

Here is the link : https://youtu.be/7UcTs-KRc-k

Also i will post the video’s description here :

Here is a live Performance on an Ambient patch I made in VCV Rack. Using my controller, i mostly change track volumes, filter cutoff, and plaits parameters. Hope you guys like the video :slight_smile: It was a bit hard to shoot since my computer doesn’t like VCV and the recording software running at the same time ^^


Hey ! Made a new Synth Patch in Vcv and had some fun with it.
So here i play 4 instances of Rings polyphonicaly, and add some effects on each voices.
As you can see the patch is quite simple, but yet the sound is massive :blush:
(although youtube ruins it a bit imo :frowning_face: )

Hope you guys like it, and maybe be inspired from it .
Have a nice day everyone :wink:


Hi everyone ! A new patch today. This first started as a challenge to make a whole track/soundscape with just Plaits as sound sources. I wanted to train since i’m getting a Microfreak tomorrow :slight_smile:

Have fun listening :wink:

Ooooh, nice.

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I will definitely post some content with it very soon :wink: that was my promise to @Omri_Cohen haha


Hey everyone !
Finally the Microfreak video is Online :slight_smile:
So far i’m really enjoying the synth, it goes well with rack too, both as sound source, and also as a controller.
Things i love abt it so far :

  • The arpeggioator is really nice, and has many modes
  • The lfo is very tweakable, even has a S&H mode
  • The main enveloppe can be really Snappy, or really long, good for ambient.
  • The other enveloppe is loopable
  • The mod Matrix gives you enormous possibilities
  • The Buchla style keyboard is actually very nice !
  • Filter sweeps sound very nice !
  • With some effects, the sound is really good :smile:

Have a nice day guys ! see y’all soon :blush:
ps : @Omri_Cohen sorry i made you wait my friend :sweat_smile:


That’s a great start! I want more :slight_smile:

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Sure ! I will try to put out more of them :wink:

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A new one ^^

Hope you guys are having a great day, here is a little jam from a few days ago :slight_smile:
Also don’t forget to drop a question for my upcoming Q&A video :smile:
Enjoy !


Nice piece Valentin. Plaits is such a wonder-module, incredible all the things it can do. If I ever build a physical rack I’m pretty sure this is the first module that is purchased and put into it, closely followed by Rings and probably Marbles. Guess I’m a bit of a Mutable Instruments boy :slight_smile:

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Hi everyone ! Here is a new piece. Finally after all this time V1 is out i try to make a polysynth :smile:
Here is the result, hope you’ll enjoy !


Just beautiful!

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Very nice Valentin! The XFX Wave is such an awesome VCO.

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Sounds just perfect!



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Hey Olival, just dipping my VCV Rack toe in to this water. Not been here much so here I go. Strange to relate but as I came across your vid here I am about to release a vid with some live noodling on top of VCV Rack this very evening. You have some massive sounds here and great expression. Excellent work.

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Hi Olival, been following this guy for years ( a clue how long. I bought Ambient, Music For Airport the week it was released!) I absolutely agree with practically everything he says and have loved his approach to art, music etc.

Thank you ! i look forward to seeing your vid :wink:

Hi all ! here is my entry to the VCP 35 challenge :slight_smile:
Have fun listening !


Good day everyone ! I hope the weekend is going alright :slight_smile:
Here is the generative patch i’ve been working on this week :

Have fun listening and see y’all soon for more .

Lovely piece Valentin! It breathes and lives, with wonderful cadences and sounds. Well done!

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