Q&A on Olival's Channel

Hi everyone ! I just noticed i hit 25 subs on Youtube ! I know it’s many people from here so thank you !
It might be a small milestone, but i’d like to celebrate it :wink:

I’ll make a small Q&A on my channel, so ask me anything you want ! Can be Vcv related, or about my music history, or more personnal stuff, really anything you want !

I’ll also make a poll on my Instagram and FB pages so that way i’ll have questions from my family and friends and also from the Vcv community, in hopes that the video will be interesting for everybody :blush:

Have a nice day/evening everyone, can’t wait for your questions :slight_smile:

PS: not sure if this is the right forum section, mods feel free to move the thread :wink:

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Hello everyone ! Since i have way more subs now, maybe it’s a good time to try this again :slight_smile: It’s cool if we share our different workflows and ways of composing, and our musical background (or absence of, it’s cool too !)

So ask anything you want ! I will anwser in a short video ^^

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