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Thank you Lars :smile: !

Hello everyone !
I’ve been quite short on inspiration these days… but i found an old audio recording of one of my V 0.6 patches, so put a little video around it and here we go ! Hope you will enjoy :wink:
I have some patch notes for this so if you are interested, you can ask me


Love it!

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has a morriconesque vibe “high noon” :+1:

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Hi everyone !
Here is my recording of the patch we made with @rsmus7 and @ablaut
This was really a nice experience, and i love the result :slight_smile:


Hauntingly beautiful patch everyone. Great collaboration.

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this was really fun and it’s a very nice patch we came up with imho

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Nice collaboration guys!

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Hi everyone ! Sorry for the lack of Uploads these days, had some internet problems :sweat_smile:
Here is a generative patch i made a few weeks ago ! enjoy ^^


Fresh! Wicked!

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