=== very cool patch challenge edition 35 ===

Wait something i need to know first . Can we use a midi controller ? for sequencing and tweaking things ? or do we really make a VCV only patch ?

yes, you can use a midi controller

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Here is my submission… This was a fun one…

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Cool ! I’ll finish a few other projects first, and i’ll get at it :slight_smile:

VCP-35 Garbage World - RJModules ACID

Hello Rackerz
This time I presnts my patch for VCP-35. This time I use lots of modules (new Garbage In module from KlirrFactory my new toy) and a little bit sounds from legendary TB-303 in Acid from RJModules. I love in Garbage this is awesome modules generate wild rythmic sounds. In my case this tandem generate lots of industrial and mechanical sounds. But the heart is the sequenced (Entropia-Geodesics) melody from FM-OP.

Files on Patchstorage :



Hi guys ! first congrats to the other participants, i loved your performances :wink:
now, here is mine !
have fun listening !
Also here is the patch if you guys want to play with it
VCP 35.vcv (39.6 KB)


Hi everybody, this is my first entry …so be gentle I don’t really know what I’m doing hehe.


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Wow ! i’m listening to it, and i really like it ! Everything blends really well together ! Nicely done :grin:
Some of the sounds are really interesting , I love the moments where it sounds like guitar solos !

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thx (:

Neat move speeding it up at the end, nice rabbit to pull out. (:

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I don’t consider myself skilled with high bpm genres, but I like the way this came out. It’s a little chaotic but then that’s kind of me. Let’s hope that some find it interesting.


Funny! A clave on this chaos… Why not! Good job!

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Hi, all of you.
This is a really nice edition for an incredible module which provides a lot of unexpected results.
This is my contribution to it. As allways, I tried to hack the primary use of the featured module.
Enjoy and leave your impressions.
ERRATUM: RJ Modules, not JW… I must have lost my head anywhere at this moment.

Here’s the patch: acid.vcv (77.0 KB)


Oh ! i see you too went for a pun in the title :wink:
Anyway, very nice track ! I really liked it !

Bonne journée a toi ^^

Ouaip! J’ai vu ça!! trop la honte! :cold_face: Merci pour le compliment, content que ça te plaise.

Yes! It’s more funny tweaking real knobs. I should do that more often. Really nice little Patch.
I think you’ll agree with me that those fm controllers are a bit strange. I couldnt really understand how they work.

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Just WOW! I just regret not to be able to play with it… to fat for my old laptop.

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Ah XD je parlais de acide aminé. I had not noticed either :sweat_smile:
Anyway i’m really happy this challenge made us discover RJ modules ! Specially Acid ! Even if like you say ,I still don’t understand everything about it haha


My contribution to the Very Cool Patch Challenge 35 is in many ways a first. The module ACID of RJ Modules, which we should use, has just been released, as well as ESSEFF, KTF, Pluck and ReplayKnob from the same developer. Actually I wanted to use all modules of the developer again, but some are very special and I just could not accommodate them here, others just eat too much CPU. The patch includes more brand new modules, NoteSeq16 by JW Modules, the Mixer Form and the corresponding expander ExFor by Squinky Labs (here in my experimental black version), Fate by Geodesics and the Quantizer rewin by Repelzen. For the first time I am also trying to work with Scenes and follow in about the excellent tutorial by Omri Cohen. In my version, Jannecker is the clock for the Noteseq16, which in turn sends a voltage to Jooper. In this way I can not only go forward in the sequence of scenes, but also go back or jump, as you can clearly see in the sequencer. The result is far from perfect, but definitely interesting and I will continue to work on it.
Oh yes, I nearly forgot, it is also the first time I do some kind of acid, hence the name. :metal::sunglasses:


Wow, I like it, Some sounds a bit like mid 90ies Björk getting hold of vcv rack. (:

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