=== very cool patch challenge edition 35 ===

you are challenged to make a patch in vcv rack to showcase a particular module in a creative way, so other users may get inspired. you can also win eternal fame!

this time the featured module is: rjmodules acid
see https://github.com/Miserlou/RJModules#acid

== rules ==
• make a patch in vcv rack using the chosen module and upload your patch to https://patchstorage.com/ and/or in your reply to this thread
• tag your upload with vcp-35
• you are encouraged to only use free modules in the patch, but this is not required
• make a video showcasing your patch and upload it to youtube
• add a link to your video as a comment to this post (these videos will be collected in a playlist)
• give feedback on other participants’ patches

deadline: monday end of the day, wherever you are, july 22nd
(though late entries will still be added to the playlist)

a new challenge with a different module will be announced every other tuesday.

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Perfect… Just watched the video,

Nice ! well this is inspiring, just reading about the module, i already know what to do :slight_smile:
I think i’ll participate this time ^^

Wait something i need to know first . Can we use a midi controller ? for sequencing and tweaking things ? or do we really make a VCV only patch ?

yes, you can use a midi controller

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Here is my submission… This was a fun one…

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Cool ! I’ll finish a few other projects first, and i’ll get at it :slight_smile:

VCP-35 Garbage World - RJModules ACID

Hello Rackerz
This time I presnts my patch for VCP-35. This time I use lots of modules (new Garbage In module from KlirrFactory my new toy) and a little bit sounds from legendary TB-303 in Acid from RJModules. I love in Garbage this is awesome modules generate wild rythmic sounds. In my case this tandem generate lots of industrial and mechanical sounds. But the heart is the sequenced (Entropia-Geodesics) melody from FM-OP.

Files on Patchstorage :



Hi guys ! first congrats to the other participants, i loved your performances :wink:
now, here is mine !
have fun listening !
Also here is the patch if you guys want to play with it
VCP 35.vcv (39.6 KB)


Hi everybody, this is my first entry …so be gentle I don’t really know what I’m doing hehe.


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Wow ! i’m listening to it, and i really like it ! Everything blends really well together ! Nicely done :grin:
Some of the sounds are really interesting , I love the moments where it sounds like guitar solos !

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thx (:

Neat move speeding it up at the end, nice rabbit to pull out. (:

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I don’t consider myself skilled with high bpm genres, but I like the way this came out. It’s a little chaotic but then that’s kind of me. Let’s hope that some find it interesting.


Funny! A clave on this chaos… Why not! Good job!

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Hi, all of you.
This is a really nice edition for an incredible module which provides a lot of unexpected results.
This is my contribution to it. As allways, I tried to hack the primary use of the featured module.
Enjoy and leave your impressions.
ERRATUM: RJ Modules, not JW… I must have lost my head anywhere at this moment.

Here’s the patch: acid.vcv (77.0 KB)


Oh ! i see you too went for a pun in the title :wink:
Anyway, very nice track ! I really liked it !

Bonne journée a toi ^^

Ouaip! J’ai vu ça!! trop la honte! :cold_face: Merci pour le compliment, content que ça te plaise.

Yes! It’s more funny tweaking real knobs. I should do that more often. Really nice little Patch.
I think you’ll agree with me that those fm controllers are a bit strange. I couldnt really understand how they work.

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Just WOW! I just regret not to be able to play with it… to fat for my old laptop.

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