OhmerPrems plugin/modules feedbacks thread (v2.4.1 stable)


I open this thread for feedbacks, reports, technical help, and exchanges around OhmerPrems plugin, and related modules:

  • FroeZe, the 128-pattern 15+1 tracks 64 steps sequencer (68HP module).
  • FroeZe-X, the right-side expander module for FroeZe.
  • FroeZe-SX, the left-side expander module for FroeZe.
  • KlokSpid MkII, the versatile clock-based module (clock, LFOs, clocked envelope generators).
  • KX, the left-side expander module for KlokSpid MkII.
  • QuadPercs, the 4-channel drum module.
  • KordZ, the note & chords display module.

Releases (lastest published in VCV Library), and betas (as Pre-releases from GitHub repo):



:warning: No log = no support!


FroeZe-SX left-side expander module for FroeZe sequencer (introduced since v2.4.1 beta 10):


KlokSpid MkII - application example: a very basic “FM” operator (but without EG/VCA).

Doing phase modulation (PM) - the phase modulation technique was used by Yamaha for DX synthesizers family.

KlokSpid MkII master frequency is set to 440Hz (visible on second screen capture), output 3 sends unaltered sine waveform (Deform slider set to left position: SINE), output 3 modifier is x1, output 3 voltage amplitude is (default) 10V, output 3 voltage offset is (default) 0V, output 3 amplitude is spread around v-offset (via Bipolar around offset checkbox, checked in this example), by this way, effective output 3 voltage is into -5V/+5V range.

External LFO (by using Surge XT Quad LFO module, here), is set around 150Hz, default sine (undeformed), default bipolar -5V/+5V, from first part of this quad module (green trace on scope). It modulates the output 3 phase (to be more precise, around the phase shift setting), via CV4 input (default bipolar -5V/+5V, visible in top-right vu-meter).

…or by using another KlokSpid MkII module as LFO source (output 1 sends sine, 330Hz, -5V/+5V range, green trace on left scope).

Output 3 is sent directly as audio to studio monitors, via Yamaha/Steinberg UR22C audio interface (ASIO, 48kHz 24-bit WAV, 128 buffer size), then M-Audio BX5 D2 studio monitors.


Hello Dominic, I have a question about using Klok Spid MK2 with an external clock signal as shown in the screenshot. When I start ClokSpid with the Run Button, KlokSpid starts with the output of corresponding gate signals at output 1 as desired and in the correct pulse. However, the gate signal is always shifted according to the difference between the time of the start trigger and the incoming clock signal and is therefore never synchronised. How can this be synchronised? I have not found anything in the menu. Surely there is a simple solution that I have overlooked.

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Hello, yep I know about the “unsync”, at the moment is a “personal choice” (to avoid brutal resyncs, such consecutive pulses or too distant pulses). So the outputs are unsync (regarling the incoming clock pulses) when the souce BPM/Frequency is altered.

However, if you stop all, then restart, both clocks must be in sync (of course, if the master clock is also restarted/reset - this fact is 100% true when you’re using only KlokSpid MkII modules - aka one as master, and other as slave!). Perhaps consider to use KlokSpid MkII only, because it have 8 outputs (it’s just an idea).

:warning: on your screen capture, I don’t identify the module you’re using as master clock generator.

So it’s not really a bug, but this is a scenario I don’t have considered, to be honest => now on my ToDo list!

Hello Dominic, the beat generator is an Ipad app (Animoog) in this case via Ableton Link (activated in the app) and Stellare Link (the VCV module in the screenshot). The beat then comes from the Ipad and ensures that VCV and Animoog are synchronised. For example, if the Animoog’s arpeggiator is running but the gate and CV come from a sequencer in VCV as you can see in the screenshot. So in this case it would be important for me that Klok Spid runs in sync with the incoming beat as you can’t stop the clock in the Animoog app. It’s not super urgent, but it would be nice.

Hello again, ah ok I understand! (the small dark module where CLK of KlokSpid MkII is Link, by Stellar). I don’t use it because I don’t have Ableton Live (I’m using Bitwig Studio, and REAPER).

I’ll must study the sync problem case, in order to find the best compromise. Perhaps a specifc option (like contextual menu to enabled/disable “Force sync.” or something similar).

In fact, I’ve developed KlokSpid MkII based on best stability as possible. The module have a “master phase”, and each output have its own phase…

EDIT/ADDED: I have an old 32-bit iPad 3 (but I don’t have Animoog app, but only Lemur and TouchOSC). Also I have Ableton 11 Live Lite license (but not installed yet). Perhaps I can use alternative to Animoog (really I don’t know), if you can recommend something to reproduce the behavior. Are you using PC (Windows, Linux) or Macintosh? If you’re using PC Windows, maybe I can “work” on similar configuration (by using rtpMIDI, for example).

I think that’s a misunderstanding. I don’t use Ableton Live or any other DAW. Ableton DAW is not required to use Ableton Link. Ableton Link is a protocol technology that works via wifi or direct connection between apps and programs and synchronises them. Here is a link to the English page: Ableton Link: Connect music making apps with Ableton Live | Ableton. See 3rd section on the startpage “With Live and beyond”.

But I think to reproduce the effect with KlokSpid you can also use any VCV clock generator, e.g. also KlokSpid, see screenshot.

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I think that’s a misunderstanding. I don’t use Ableton Live or any other DAW. Ableton DAW is not required to use Ableton Link.

Hi Sir R…, (I don’t spell first name in public forum) :wink:

Ok, I don’t know about this fact! (I was sure Ableton Link is for Ableton Live only, but I’m totally wrong!).

As I’ve replied, this behavior is “normal”, but be sure I’ll work on it! At the moment (internal beta only), when I try to implement a “resync” feature, all dividers don’t work (they’re working like /1 or x1). Be sure I know the problem, even by using chained KlokSpid MkII modules (like your lastest screenshot), and I’ll work on it, hope this weak behavior will be fixed for next release or next beta.

Perhaps will continue to exchange together via private messages, if you agree, about this sync behavior.

Yes, of course I am looking forward to it.

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