Ohmer (free open source) plugin/modules feedbacks thread


This thread becomes dedicated to free open source Ohmer plugin only!

Hi everyone,

For OhmerPrems (lifetime subscription-based) plugins, plugin/modules feedbacks thread will be available as independent thread, into Plugins & Modules category (this current category). The dedicated thread is here.

I’m removing mine old posts here, sorry but cleaning was necessary. Thank you for your understanding! :pray:



Files here: HiDrive (valid for 30 days)

Merry Christmas


I have just set up a WSL2 Ubuntu on Windows11. Using the docker toolchain in it.

The WSL2 docker install was not obvious, but I found this:

Docker on WSL2 without Docker Desktop - /dev/solita

and the toolchain from here:

GitHub - VCVRack/rack-plugin-toolchain

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Hi. I’m having very good results from using you QuadPercs Free in my patches for creating a very functional drum sequencer. Before going further, I want to confirm that the 5 drum machines provided in Free are in fact fully featured with no time limitiations, etc. That is what I read from my manual, but I just want to verify.

I am mostly using the LinnDrum machine for creating my 11 piece kit and am very pleased with the quality. This is a much cleaner kit than what I was using before made up of at least a couple of different plugins’ modules.

I’m pretty sure I can do just about everything I plan to do in posting a set of drum sequencer patterns here, based on the 90 patterns that I created in my Meander for Windows application years ago.

Thanks for such a great free set of machines and voices.

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Thanks for the explanations.

I am still exploring and experimenting. If this was just for my own music, I would buy your premium plugin license, but since I’m trying to do some sharing of patches and selection files, I need to stick to free modules for the time being. I’m afraid that if I buy the premium now, I will get myself confused. It is good to know that I could buy the premiums but only use the free machines in files I intend to share and that would still work if if the user had free or premium. Please confirm it I have this correct.

Hi Dominique,

Is the one on the left (white one) the one you call Drumulator ? Or is it a different module all together ?

I meant if I have Premium but I distributed a patch that only uses the Free machines, that should work for a user who has Free or Premium. Right?

Great, thanks.

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Thanks. I think I understand now. Sounds very flexible. I will buy a Premium license soon to help support your work.

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Yes I understand now, Drumulator is ( of course ) one of the drummachines :man_facepalming: So we get one more drum machine for free the previous one had (only) four. I just got confused by the names… :sunglasses:

If only I learned to read :


Any chance you can adapt QuadPercs to support sample rates other than 44.1 kHz? You could either dynamically switch to different samples, or upsample your existing samples.

My default minimum sample rate is 48 kHz, and running VCV at a non-multiple seems to incur a CPU penalty. Beyond that, I often want to run at 96 or 192 kHz or higher if I am employing FM and/or wave folding to help minimize audible aliasing.

I hesitate to even try the free version because I don’t want to get attached to a sound, only to find I can’t use it at any higher sample rates. I certainly would not pay for a premium module that cannot run above 44.1 kHz.

Offering support for higher sample rates could also be another differentiation between the free and premium version.


You can now delete them yourself in the next update: Rack/CHANGELOG.md at v2 · VCVRack/Rack · GitHub


  • Make unarchiver handle zero-byte files as a special case by deleting destination files instead of overwriting them. This allows plugin packages to remove old presets by including a zero-byte file with its filename.
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What is the preferred method for creating a zero length file?

In MSYS2,Git for Windows,macOS,Linux: touch some-empty-file.vcv


Windows Powershell:

New-Item -Name EmptyFile.txt -ItemType File

Windows Command Prompt (cmd.exe)

copy nul "EmptyFile.txt"

(and others)


Removed (obsolete) comment.


The Unix touch command. :grin:There’s an empty redirect way to do it in bash, but if it wasnt in the Unix shell in 1986 I don’t use it. Damn kids! Get off my lawn!



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Thanks Omar, but not finished! okay the sequencer seems to work fine, but the hardest part of development is coming soon: the edit functions.

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Cool Breeze!

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