Ohmer announcements thread


Ohmer plugin is updated to v2.4.1. Now available from VCV Library for automatic installation or update.

For manual installation, all packages are available here.

CHANGELOG: https://github.com/DomiKamu/Ohmer/blob/v2/doc/CHANGELOG.txt

Now RKD and BRK modules have dark panel variants (automatically selected regardling Use dark panels if available option from View menu). By changing this global setting, any RKD and BRK modules in the rack will become light or dark, automatically.

All other Ohmer modules (KlokSpid, Metriks, Polarity Switch, Splitter 1x9, and all blank panels) are displayed in module browser and instantiated (when new module is added in your rack) as default Absolute Night if this option is enabled, otherwhise, the default light theme is Creamy. After added in your rack, the model (GUI theme) doesn’t change (even if you’ll cange the global option) until you’ll select another from Model context menu.


Welcome back!!! :smiley:

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