OhmerPrems announcements thread (stable 2.4.1 is available)

Issue report / Technical / Help, please use this thread.

Hi everyone,

This is the 7th public beta of OhmerPrems plugin, available now as v2.4.2 beta 11 (2.4.1b12).

Downloads, instructions & what’s news: https://github.com/DomiKamu/OhmerPrems/releases

These betas (since b6) introduce my new clock-based module: KlokSpid MkII, and its 3HP left-side expander, named KX. Also (since b10), another expander module, but for FroeZe sequencer: it’s a 14HP left-side expander module, named FroeZe-SX. This expander permits per-track swing, by offering discrete CV inputs (one jack per instrument track).


KlokSpid MkII is clock generator & modulator, LFOs, and (coming soon) clocked envelopes.

Unlike other OhmerPrems modules, KlokSpid MkII and KX modules are free for everyone, even for non-OhmerPrems members (everyone benefits all features).

All changes are indicated at below of this topic.

image image

image image


OhmerPrems main page: https://github.com/DomiKamu/OhmerPrems - module specs: link is in the page.

KlokSpid MkII / KX Specifications & User’s Manual - in construction.

Packages (for all platforms) are available as beta from Pre-release section. Also, the page contains some informations about lastest beta (what’s new, not yet available features/remain in development).

:warning: will not go to VCV Library while the plugin remains as beta!

Enjoy KlokSpid MkII and Ohmer Modules! :wink:



Hello Dominique, I just installed this, but the KlokSpid MkII is not available. The modules show 2.4.1.b6. I am an OhmerPrems member.

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Hi, yep I know you’re OhmerPrems member :wink: I remember about you and our “recent” exchanges, here.

KlokSpid MkII and its ‘left-side’ expander, KX, are free for everyone (even for non-OhmerPrems members, without limitation/restriction).

I’m suspecting problem against “module whitelist” (or something similar). At the moment, VCV Library doesn’t known about KlokSpid MkII and KX, because they’re new modules.

  • First, close VCV Rack.
  • From VCV Library (web), click PLUGINS (near top right of web browser):
  • From plugins list, locate OhmerPrems by Dominique Camus.
  • Click “Unsuscribe”.
  • Then click “Subscribe” (if doesn’t work, try “Add All” instead).

Retry from VCV Rack 2, open module browser, reset filters first, then select Brand droplist, then choose Ohmer Modules: you’ll must see both KlokSpid MkII and KX modules.

Please report me (by reply) if okay, or not (I’m in live here, notifications on).

Yes, this was the problem. Now it’s in the module browser, thank you very much.

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You’re welcome! :wink: :ok_hand: I’m happy for you, thank for your report, enjoy KlokSpid MkII & KX modules!

At first glance, this is a super module, congratulations. This could become my new preferred clock. Endless possibilities for manipulation and settings.

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Big thank you! that’s pretty flattering. :star: :ok_hand: It will look a bit complex at first glance, due to numerous inputs, outputs (+ KX expander setup pages), and features it offers, but I try to do the best as possible - as best example, “shortcuts” simply by left mouse clicking over input/output LED…

…and not finished! remaining (will be added, following this order):

  • Envelopes (EXP. ENV., and LOG. ENV.) - output / Waveform menu item, then 2nd page…
  • Draws or animated/static shapes inside large clickable boxes (like PULSE, TRIANGLE, SINE, S&H on page 1), but… on page 2 for CONSTANT, EXP. ENV., LOG. ENV. and ONE-SHOT.
  • 32-step (CV-controllable) Euclidean, will pass or block the signal every beat. It’s an important stuff.
  • Wavetable support.
  • Integrated SCOPE - by doing right mouse click on input/output related-LED.
  • COPY feature (copy current/selected output settings, to another output, incl. in-running phase, etc).

It’s nearly my ToDo list… :wink:

I’m using KlokSpid MkII in mine (internal) productions & patches, it’s a good way to test it, to… discover possible issues, missings, possible enhancements… But I consider they’re many places/spaces for everybody, so I continue to use either my “old 2017” KlokSpid, or ImpromptuModular’s CLOCKED, because it may offer interesting features than mine modules don’t offer. It’s my policy, obviously.

If the user uses “Subscribe” instead of “Add all” they will always get all the modules in the plugin, even ones added in the future. Using “Add all” means they will only get those present at the time, and any future modules won’t appear.

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It’s the case, KlokSpid MkII and KX are new modules, never “seen” by VCV Library.

Using “Subscribe”, unfortunately, doesn’t work all time.

Have edited my post, regardling your remark. Thanks.

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This stuff looks cool. Why do you want a clock that outputs mangled sine waves? (probably a dumb Q, I just don’t understand.)

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Thanks! (partial) inspiration from real hardware… :smiley:

It’s not a dumb question. :wink:

KlokSpid MkII module isn’t only a (pulse-based) clock (but I admit I’ve presented it as “new clocking module”).

Main core is clock, but any output can be a LFO generator (able to enter in audio domain, highest frequency limit is 500Hz as master or slave, and beyond by applying multiplier modifier).

It’s the main reason why it offers morphable triangle, morphable sine, etc…

W.I.P.: clocked envelopes (two built-in EXP/LOG and LOG/EXP envelope generators, also possible by using custom wavetables).

W.I.P.: on every beat, any output may be “muted” by programmable/CV-controllable euclidean sequencer, never mind the selected waveform.

Mangling second half sine: just a transition from pure sine to humps (also named rectified sine), by deforming the voltage amplitude of the second half sine (first half sine is untouched).

Quad LFO module (Surge XT) is doing something similar against sine, but mine is different.


ah, as an LFO - totally makes sense. neat! In the patch I saw on facebook there were a lot of count modula modules to provide what might normally be a knob on the module. Is that what the expander does?

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Count Modula (Poly Manual CV) modules are to test CVs (debug purposes).

On the KlokSpid MkII module, first three input are CLK, RUN, and CV3. Can be converted respectively to CV1, CV2, and RESET (small segment-LED displays above first three inputs indicate role: CLK or CV1, RUN or CV2, CV3 or RST). CV4 to CV8 don’t have these displays, because they’re always CV inputs.

Expander module (named KX) brings discrete CLK, RUN, and RESET. When expander is placed along main module, internal inputs are automatically switched to become mandatory CV1, CV2 and CV3 inputs (because CLK, RUN, and RESET are from expander, instead). By using expander, you get 3 additional CV inputs (CV1, CV2, and CV3), said differently… you benefit all eight CV inputs (CV1 to CV8).

On KX expander, below “QUANT.” label, OFS.1 and OFS.2 are pre-offset inputs, dedicated to quantizers exclusively. They act as bipolar -5V/+5V CV inputs. Both are not reported by View CV Assign. Matrix page, however (but their assignments - output’s quantizer only - are visible from KX Expander / OFS.1/OFS.2 Assign. menu, or by doing left mouse click over OFS.1 or OFS.2 LED!

All are explained in the KlokSpid MkII specs & documentation page (okay I admit it’s TLTR, and tedious, and at the moment, it’s not a full manual). I’m adding some pictures (some will be animated GIFs).

KlokSpid MkII is a complex module, of course, it have 8 inputs (three first are versatile), 8 outputs, many waveforms, many parameters (per waveform), optional quantizers (one possible for each output), coming soon euclidean (also one possible for each output), in preparation for wavetables, clocked envelopes, al in 16HP module.

IMHO, it will be better to use this thread instead, for technical discussions, or private.

Hello there and friendly greetings!

Hey… Uhm… I have a question. Trivial, maybe, but I am really curious. I read (on github) FroeZe & FroeZe-X modules. And I suddenly think about Edgar Froese. Is it a coincidence or?.. :thinking:

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Hello Andrea, please read the documentation, from FroeZe & FroeZe-X section, in particular FroeZe/FroeZe-X specifications & Quick Guide document, from OhmerPrems GitHub repository, I’m nearly sure you’ll solve this interesting mystery… :wink: (please consider it’s a trivia game)

It’s my turn, now: your avatar here is Space Invaders enemy… Long life to M.A.M.E… :wink:

Friendly greetings, too!

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HAHA! Yeah, read it!

And yes, you got my avatar correctly even if, way before MAME there were the cabinets in the video arcades (or penny arcades, as one of my old friends still call them). I remember when I first saw Space Invaders, back in 1980 (in my country coin-ops came a bit late). It was magic.

Also, later on, chiptunes, 8bit music was magic as well. Now that I am old and half-decrepit I still listen to tons of chiptunes and 8bit goodies.


Yep, about FroeZe sequencer module, its name is a tribute to Edgar Froese. I’m TD absolute fan, since the first concert have seen IRL, at cathédrale de Reims (Reims cathedral), France, during 1974 (I was 12 years old).

Favorite albums are Phaedra, and Tangram. Also loving Ricochet piece. I consider the best period was Froese/Franke/Baumann, during 4+2 years (along 70s).

My favorite chiptune comes from videogame named Super Hexagon, title is Hexagonest: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cjUPVKEN9tI

Commodore Amiga, trackers… the wonderful epoch. I’m 59 (60 isn’t so far) :wink:


I can understand. TD came quite late into my musical life, first ever piece was “Journey Through a Burning Brain” but then I felt in love with the “virgin years” productions so yeah, Phaedra is some kind of milestone for me as well!

Unfortunately I never see them live despite in my country we had yearnings for experimental music, Kosmische musik and electronic music.

I don’t remember much of Super Hexagon but the OST is badass! Those days, where we used to use trackers and maybe some MIDI or samples were indeed glorious. Maybe because we were pioneering something wonderful, tasting things to come forbidden and unknown to “normies”! :laughing:

Or maybe because we were young and the world was our oyster :grin: You see… 53 here getting close to 54!

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After downloading the Beta VCV file and starting VCV, the modules where all there… but VCV kept crashing when opening Klok Spid 2. So I unfollowed Ohmer on Library, klicked “Add all” instead, deleted Ohmer and OhmerPrems folders, reinstalled OhmerPrems beta… but no modules showed up in browser. Repeated the same procedure 2 times. Log doesn’t show any obvious problem. Downloaded Ohmer Plugins from Library, after that Log shows 2 modules installed by OhmerPrems and the rest installed by Ohmer. ClokSpid Mk2 does not appear in the log,

Frozoe, Frozoe-X, Kordz, QuadPercs are installed from OhmerPrems (beta) KlokSpid1, RKD, BRK, Metriks, Polarity Sw, Splitter and Blanks from Ohmer (library)

Maybe you used the same unique handle for both releases? That would only explain some of it though.

Troll → now this guy is blocked, forever.

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