Vult Announcements Thread

It’s fine :sunglasses: I just noticed it because I was working on a project and after the UPDATE the hats sounded much louder , so it will not be backwards compatible with older project, but at least I know where to look when an old project sounds different than what I remember :wink:.

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I will decrease a bit the gain so the change is not very noticeable with this update.


Perhaps and/or add a context menu option to use old behavior? With some kind of preset option to specify which is the default, old or new?


Ooh, maybe menu sliders for analog instability/noise/distortion? Idk how feasible that is within the DSP but it’d be cool to dial in the amount of “analog-ness”.

I tried to balance the “analogness” in the module. Adding more analog behavior would result in higher CPU consumption.

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Makes sense.

I’ve been playing around with TrummorFM in my dev build (I still can’t figure out how to get it to show up in a distributed version of Rack.) It’s a lot of fun and I love the sounds, but I have a slight gripe with the “FM-env” controls. They seem to both control the amount of FM and the decay of the FM envelope. As the knob is turned down, the overall amount of FM seems to decrease in addition to the decay, which can be frustrating to use given that there’s already an FM depth knob. Is this scaling effect intentional?

Also, have you considered implementing an exponential curve to the FM-depth knob? Currently it feels very logarithmic (the first 5% range has a milder timbre which quickly jumps up to a harsher and noiser timbre, and stays that way for the remaining 90% of the knob range.) I also feel like the Bend control could use a more exponential response.

Apart from that, I love the way the “body” effect sounds on the noise channel. Is it some kind of waveguide delay or comb filter? If so, have you considered having the pitch control affect the pitch of the waveguide?

This could be a matter of perception. The FM-ENV only controls the decay time of an envelope that starts always at the same level. This envelope is exponential, therefore the first part is fast while the rest is slower. I found the exponential envelope more appropriate for percussive sounds than a linear envelope. Opulus provides both types of envelopes if you want to experiment with them.

The FM level is exponential. I gave it the same behavior as in Opulus which is the same as in the DX7.

This is an evolution of what I added in Trummor 2. It consists of two comb filters (with feedback) which behave just as a waveguide. I tested with a version where the comb frequencies changed with the pitch (just as in Trummor 2). However, the result was not that interesting because the sound of the oscillator was dominating. You can test this by driving e.g. Bleak into Rescomb and use the same pitch for both modules.

I found them more interesting to be of fixed length and vary the dampening (feedback to the combs). The fixed length also made them more CPU efficient. I picked a length that sounded interesting.

Thank you very much for your comments. Maybe you can join the Vult Cult so you can provide feedback since the early development of the next module.


You’ve definitely peaked my interest… How would one go about joining the Vult Cult?

The first step is a admitting you have a problem. Seriously, I think he means you are already a member - send a nag message every now and then so he remembers to send you test/eval versions.

I wonder how one would go about “a admitting” that. Seriously.

Typo. So sorry.

Just finished a fairly basic patch driving Trummor FM & Trummor 2 with Polygene. I used a uOpulus for the FM input on TrummorFM’s oscillator. I added a bunch of modulations on both Trummor siblings. Everything worked great, and I love the sound of TrummorFM.

The only feedback I have is that I found the “Pitch” input on the Noise side of TrummorFM a little confusing. I patched it in from a quantized random pitch. After a few minutes of playing with the knobs I figured out that I had to have the FM knob all the way down for it to work (it also works if I turn the Feedback knob down, but is very quiet). I’m not sure I understand what’s happening here. Is it just because the FM knob is controlling the noise or something else?

Awesome new module, thanks for all the hard work you do for the community! I can’t wait to keep playing with it.

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I’m not sure exactly what behavior you are experiencing. The best is to initialize the module and then start tweaking the parameters. Both sections of Trummor FM should track the pitch. You have to consider that the Multiplier parameter can produce some inharmonic sounds when the number is not integer.

I’ll try to prepare the manual for the module before releasing the module. That could make things more clear.

Here’s a beta of the Vult Free modules built for Mac ARM:

It includes Trummor FM, which I have not officially released yet.


?? Wouldn’t that require someone to also build Rack for ARM to test it? Maybe I’m not understanding.

The beta version of Rack for ARM is available here Rack development blog - #85 by Vortico

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C’mon Lars, keep up! :wink:


Ah! Yes, I see, big news this morning, hadn’t got there yet, sorry for the noise :slight_smile:


I’ve seen that switch on that oscillator i don’t know how many times and have never even wondered what it does. I’ll give it a shot.