Vult Announcements Thread

(Leonardo Laguna Ruiz (Vult)) #1

In version 0.6.26:

  • Improves the performance of Vorg.
  • Makes Knock more punchy (based on feedback by Sander).
  • Fixes bug in Caudal that showed when modulating the Speed.
  • Fixes bug in Send that performed incorrect initialisation.
  • Adds new model of Vortex. The new model has a better performance.

In version 0.6.25:

  • This version is mainly performance improvements. Many of the modules will run slightly faster. For example results on Lateralus are that it run between 5-15% faster depending on the conditions.

In version 0.6.24:

  • 0.6.23 was not public so there are no release notes.
  • Added Rescomb 2. this is an improved version of Rescomb that has a few tweaks to get a more balanced sound. It also includes an LFO that can modulate the frequency much better than an external signal. Rescomb 2 is part of VultModules Premium (paid package).
  • Added Noxious (MK2). This version includes a few breaking changes. Old patches created with the old version will not break, Noxious will behave the same way. New patches will use by default Noxious MK2.
    - Replaces the Sub oscillator control by a Tone control. The tone control can enhance or reduce either the Bass or the Treble sounds.
    - The out levels of the oscillator are more balanced.
    - The Noise oscillator can be louder.
    - The performance of Noxious is slightly better than the previous.
  • Adds a new “Gentle” mode to Slap that allows for longer and softer envelope settings.

In version 0.6.22:

  • New module: Leakage. It’s S&H, noise source, DC offset/source, and other stuff (See the video).
  • Reduced CPU consumption in Caudal thanks to a new solver.
  • Improved behavior of Vorg in very high frequencies.

(Latif) #2

Looks like that will become my go to S&H :crazy_face::+1:t3:

(Jonathan Moore1) #3

All looks ace. I love the concept of Caudal and Leakage compliments it nicely with regard to irregular modulation patterns. Glad to read Caudal is more efficient, it must be tricky optimising more expensive solvers for Rack without losing the essence of what made the original solver compelling and unique.


I would be lost without Vult modules. They’re absolutely essential to my workflow and they all sound amazing. Thanks for your dedication and excellent work, @modlfo.

(Tenandtracer) #5

I absolutely adore the numerous Vult modules that you’ve released. They’re a part of every rack that I build. Thank you so much for your dedication and generosity. This new leakage module is great! (As is Flux)

(David Rodriguez) #6

I m subscribing to this thread

(Leonardo Laguna Ruiz (Vult)) #7

I added a list of changes you’ll see in version 0.6.24.

(Latif) #8

Has Rescomb 2 been added? Or is it part of the premium?

(Leonardo Laguna Ruiz (Vult)) #9

Yes and yes. Rescomb 2 is released and it’s part of the Premium (VultModules paid) package.

(Latif) #10

ok :+1:

(Leonardo Laguna Ruiz (Vult)) #11

Version 0.6.25 was released. I have updated the release notes.


@modlfo i got some weird behavior in debriatus and unstabile (free version 0.6.25) today in my livestream starting at and in the next ~10 minutes. do you have an idea what is going on here? are these known issues or should i investigate more?

(Leonardo Laguna Ruiz (Vult)) #13

Seems to be an error that I introduced in the last update while trying to optimize. It seems to happen in other modules as well. The strange thing is that I’m not able to reproduce it on my computer, so I’m just gonna revert the change.

(Leonardo Laguna Ruiz (Vult)) #14

Please let me know if you can reproduce it. I have been trying all sort of things without success.


will do


minimal patch that consistently shows a >500 mS spike when i hit the stop-cont trigger:
tangents spike.vcv (3.1 KB)

note that i am using the rcomian fork of rack, and have 4 threads enabled

(Leonardo Laguna Ruiz (Vult)) #17

I cannot trigger the error in my computer. I will revert the change and hopefully it will fix the problem. One big difference is that I don’t use the rcomian version. I do all testing only in the official releases.


you’re right. i just tried it in the official version and it doesn’t show this problem at all.

so i don’t think you need to revert

(Leonardo Laguna Ruiz (Vult)) #19

Oh man. Too late. I have already sent the new release with the change.

(Phil Golden) #20

Well it can rule out the optimisations made if it still occurs!