Modules with ARM builds!

With the release of the ARM beta build and Vult Free for ARM I thought it would be good to post links to any dev repos that have ARM builds available.

Feel free to post your links below and I’ll try to keep this list updated:

If you’re able to build plugins yourself, here’s a (somewhat old) list of plugins that successfully build for ARM (h/t @hemmer!) And for ARM Linux, @jackokring has a steadily growing list of Linux ARM builds here.

Updated 2023-03-05


I’m waiting for the linux-arm64 builds :slight_smile:

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I hope once the work to port to ARM is done for M1/Apple Silicon, that will pave the way for ARM Linux builds as well. I’d love to use a Pi as a headless VCV station.


Hi, Here are mac-arm64 builds for

Any feedback is appreciated if something is not working right. Cheers!


SurgeXT and BaconMusic have arm nightlies and works well it seems.

Other devs curious how to do this with github cross compile check here GitHub actions for ARM mac cross compile


Added the ones that have been posted in other threads that I could see.

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Thanks but the baconplugs link is to the direct plugin which will disappear next time I update the code, Release Nightly · baconpaul/BaconPlugs · GitHub is the right link.

Also surge xt builds and runs arm. Release Nightly releases updated on each push · surge-synthesizer/surge-rack · GitHub If you want to put that link up top too!

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Thanks! Updated


I’m not sure this is the place to post this, but PurrSoftware Meander module has been built and tested for M1 ARM functionality. I do not plan to set up automated builds and distribution but will wait until VCV adds ARM builds to the library build chain and processes.

Until then, if you are willing to build Meander yourself, it should work. If there is a better topic to put this under, moderators feel welcome to move it.

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Is there a link to source for the ARM build? I’ll include it in case anyone has the inclination to do a build and some testing.

No. Not other than my GitHub repository.

The regular repository will build with no modification for ARM.

Befaco builds fine, I’ve updated a locally built version for testing only here: Release v2.3.0 ARM · hemmer/Befaco · GitHub

FYI this repo had a ARM build a while back, and also kept a wiki of ARM compatible plugins (which may not be super up to date any more)

Here’s a build of my plugin in case anyone wants to test the Mac-arm64

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So far things are working fine in my test builds. One peculiarity is that the VCV Rack 2.2.0 arm64 build installer requires Rosetta to be installed. It’s also a bit harder to test since there aren’t any macOS VM hosts that support OpenGL in the guest OS (that I’m aware of) so it requires dancing back & forth with symbolic links for the Rack2 folder.

But besides that, smooth sailing so far. It’s soooo nice to finally be able to get around the single-thread limitation of VCV2 on Arm Macs!

If you want to send a note to support letting them know, the diff below is the pkgbuild diff you need to generate a universal installer (independent of the underlying architecture of the installed assets) and that allows installers to run absent rosetta

i think support may be a bit tired of me sending them arm tips and tidbits but since you ran into the problem maybe you want to share a solution?


I haven’t heard about that one, can you elaborate?

I don’t know that it is anything official, but I also have run into it. I cannot get decent sound on my MacBook M1 Air unless I restrict the rack engine to 1 thread. Thankfully the machine handles all the patches that I throw at it using 48kHz, despite the limitation. Of course some patches can be run at higher rates.

I am salivating at the prospect of being able to use more threads. Not because I need more complex patches, but I’m dreaming of being able to run all my patches at 96kHz or higher, which can make a big difference with FM and wavefolding, etc. Time will tell if that dream becomes reality.

Yes, exactly this. Apple Silicon running VCV Rack 2 in Rosetta is limited to a single thread. Well, not technically limited—you can select as many threads as you like, but the performance only degrades with more cores. So I’ve had to get creative with fitting big patches into a single core’s worth of performance (which is quite a lot in the case of the M1 Max)

Done! I sent it on to them. Although, the org.surge-synth-team is a bit of a giveaway who it’s actually from :joy:

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