Vult Announcements Thread

Re CV mixing, I first learned about the CP-3 from a DivKid video where he talked about how he liked using it with envelopes to get a hold stage out of an ADSR, but for sure the main thing people talk about is the “fatness” of adding three oscillators and the fact that the saturation on the inverted output is more asymmetrical.

ah, the legendary Moog ADSR flat top! I attempted to emulate that with the “Snap” control in “Kitchen Sink”. Don’t recall if anyone ever tried using that.


The current estimated cost is 440 euros without a battery. With battery is 60 more. I will calculate the final cost once I make a full breakdown considering the current cost of all components and the time it takes me to build one.

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The first thing it made me think of was a cyberspace deck from Neuromancer.

It’s not really for me, but I do think if I did get one I’d have to have every key cap say “ANY”

Nice work. For similar DIY device, is there solutions out there to have velocity for keys?

Wicked has velocity sensitive keys. I’m not sure if there are other simple alternatives to have velocity-sensitivity switches.

Damn, really? Nobody show that to Elektron, otherwise they’ll release a $4000 Digitakt Velocity Edition

Most probably manufacturers are not doing it because this method requires a bunch of manual work. The plunge caps of all switches need to be cut. With the volume companies like Elektron produces, it would make more sense to develop their own switches. But that would be more expensive.

Probably the most cost-effective method for manufacturers is to have velocity (or pressure) sensitive pads like the MPCs or Maschine. As far as I know, the Elektron Analog Rytm has that kind of pad. But for the Digitakt they decided to no use them.

I have decided to open for public testing the upcoming release. This version adds Trummor FM and also makes improvements to Trummor 2. You can get the binaries for the free version at the following link:

What to test?

  • In Trummor 2 I have reworked the polyphonic modulation matrix. Give it a try and let me know if you find any bugs. There are a few small variations and tweaks compared to the previous release.
  • Trummor FM is the new module in the family. The manual is not ready but the module is 99% done. Similarly to Trummor 2, tests the modulation matrix with polyphonic signals. Let me know if you find any strange behavior.

The presets for Trummor FM are not yet ready, but you can selectively randomize the module (see the context menu) to find new sounds.


Fantastic idea!

More of this in other modules would be great.

If I’m not mistaken the randomize function has always been there.

yes but you couldn’t choose which parts to randomize, this is new

after some testing, I couldn’t find a bug with the polyphonic modulations yet. :+1:

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Downloaded and installed it but Trummor FM doesn’t show up in my library, am I missing something? I checked the /res and the panel is in there, it’s also declared in plugin.json, but I’m not sure why it isn’t showing up. I’m on Windows, if that helps. I also own Vult Compacts, but not the regular Vult Premium Collection.

No issues here. Polyphonic modulation seems to be working. The randomizing solution is a bless. Impressed as always.

Do you have any information in your log file?

I installed it in a separate SDK installation of Rack and it showed up just fine, but it doesn’t seem to want to show up on a normal distributed version of Rack for me. Tearing my hair out trying to figure out why, I even tried a fresh install of Rack. I’m suspecting it’s a weird system-specific issue, or potentially something with Rack’s V2-implemented show/hide system on an individual module basis for a collection (my SDK installation isn’t fully synced to my account.) I’ll keep you posted.

I think the Noise output is much higher than the previous version :

old :


I increased a little bit the volume of the noise as a request from some users. The oscillator section is much louder than the noise section.