VCV Rack 2 not free?

Hi Is it right that VCV Rack2 will not be free as VST Plugin? I dont need it, but I like playing around with it. So I am out of VCV Rack if it will not be free.

Regards Thomas

The vst plugin is paid, but the standalone version stays free like it has always been.


If only this information was posted somewhere.


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I would certainly pay for it and I’m somewhat surprised it IS free. There’s a lot of things in life we have no choice but to pay for or are taxed for. When people create such a wonderful tool as this and put in who knows how many hours of hard love, I have no problem whatsoever contributing some dollars if I’m not able to contribute in other ways.


Be careful before buying it. The VST version may not run well on your computer and then you’ll be out $100! The full version uses a config file that allows you to set the max frame rate and limit your gpu resources. Apparently the VST version does not. It almost sets my MacBook on fire!

VCV has not responded to my repeated requests for help or refund.

The VST appears to run at the frame rate of the host. In Reaper it runs at 25 fps for me but 75 fps in the standalone.

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In Ableton Live it runs as fast as it can… typically > 90fps. That’s not necessary.

Ableton Live 11 can be set to limit the framerate. Enter the line below in options.txt
(a similar option exists for Ableton Live 10: “-MaxFpsMac=30” , see the reddit link)




Wow! I’ll try ASAP. Thanks!



Let us know if it solves the problem.

check out “cardinal vcv” if you want to try a decent free unlimited “demo”. imho rack pro is quite amazing and worth the price tag. however cardinal vcv gives you a great free intro:

Unfortunately that isn’t clearing the problem. I’ve confirmed I’m in the right file by testing with an intentional misspelling and I’ve restarted my machine. The VST still runs at framerates as high as 100fps. This config seems to have no affect, however Ableton doesn’t complain about it either.

I don’t know then - other than writing to VCV support - like you did.

Yeah I did twice. They haven’t responded yet. It’s been two weeks. :frowning: Thanks for your help though!!!

We responded to both of your email queries within 1-2 days. No response from you.


U can open ableton in low resolution

classic , right ?

Hi everyone, I’m experiencing the same issue as user1141 with vcv rack 2 vst2 version running at very high frame rate in Ableton Live 11, making my 2015 15" retina Macbookpro running too hot with fans getting crazy! Running Live in low resolution mode doesn’t make any difference. If there is a solution, i’ll take it, it’s just unusable for me at the moment, making me regretting buying the pro version… Thanks in advance Vinz

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