VCV 3-minute challenge Ep.3: Moon Rendezvous

Long story: In the previous episode, the aliens found a hidden bach.vcv file in the Mars Perseverance Rover’s ROM; they played it using the VCV copy included (unofficially) in the rover’s operating system. They analyzed the audio signal using their JCN-quantum computer; the computer found that it almost matches a signal that their USRA antenna, placed on the dark side of the moon, received a few thousand years ago. At the time they believed it was a random noise signal, but now they realize that it was generated by another intelligent life. They decide to start a voyage towards the source of that signal; the first phase is to reach the moon and from there proceed to a hyperspace jump towards outer space …

The challenge: make a VCV patch that accompains the first phase of the alien’s journey: the rendezvous around the moon.

  • use only free modules;
  • record the patch and add the music to the video below: you can download the video from this link: ;
  • if possible upload the video to youtube (tag it with #vcv3minchallenge) and add the link in your reply (if not possible add a link to an mp3 file or to soundcloud);
  • if possible also upload the patch to and add the link in your reply;
  • if you want add a few seconds - at the beginning or at the end of the video - showing the patch and/or your credits;
  • there is no deadline … at least until the next challenge :wink:

The video for the challenge:

Download it here:


I like those, please keep 'em coming :slight_smile: - the soundtrack aspect tickles a particular fancy. Here’s one possible contact with the Moon. Alien radio chatter and all.

Uhm, the patch is a mess because I had the video in mind and structured a good part of it around Omri’s Lights Off module before I settled for the modules to make the UI…


Awesome !!! :+1: … still a relaxed atmosphere: ordinary maneuvers for the aliens and they can admire the spectacle offered by the moon; nevertheless there is a slight tension for the surprising discovery and for what awaits them in the outer space …

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Nice!!! :+1: … the soft low-volume background music that can be heard in the large hangar of the starship; where - in this phase - there is no alien activity and no mechanical operations in progress …

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Here you go.


My rendezvous around the moon


Beautiful composition!

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Nice! This almost everrising filter (and pitch) effect - are you aware of this?

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Great!!! :+1: … a quiet approach, then an epic mood begins to flow through the “alien veins”, they know the future can always hold many surprises …

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Very nice!!! :+1: … this one could be from the main engine room of the starship, accompaining the last checks before the hyperspace jump …

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reminds me of this;


super nice. like the stereo things bouncing around. And impeccable choice of modules, of course!

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Yes, Squinky Labs is well represented in that patch. The stereo bounce is Saws L and R going to separate F2 filters and then gating a voltage into the Fc to bring up the pad. It worked pretty well.

Thnx! Must try the Count Modulas Shepard Generator!

Wow, you even included a hud display from the alien ship. I like the music too. It’s nice and relaxing. They must be peaceful aliens visiting the moon^^.

This is my little attempt at the VCV 3-minute challenge Ep.3: Moon Rendezvous: I really like the moon topic. My attempt didn’t work out so well. Also, the patch is unfortunately overcrowded with CPU intensive modules, but I’m releasing it now anyway^^.

Here is a little explanation about the patch and the performance steps.

  1. The first 3 mixer controls are for the drone sound at the beginning and at the end. They are turned up one after the other in the first scene. For the sound at mixer 2, I recorded the sound from mixer 1 with the Complex Simpler and played it backwards. When recording, the red cable was not connected to hold, but with voct in Supercell.
  2. Next, the sound that sounds like a flute with piano was turned up with mixer control 6, then mixer controls 1, 3 and 2 were slowly turned down.
  3. The bell sound at mixer control 7 is turned up and I play a little with the timbre cv of the macro oscillator 2. By turning it to the left the wow wow sound is created.
  4. The release control of the ADSR (piano flute) is turned down, then the noise control of the wave module is turned up and finally the cable to the adsr gate is removed. This creates a short reverberating noise.
  5. Mixer group 3 is turned down so that only the delay sound of the bell can be heard and mixer control 5 is turned up. This is supposed to be a kind of singing alien. I got the idea from Omri’s last stream :). I used an old voice recording of mine for this, where I’m talking about Mars, but you can’t understand any of the text anyway^^.
  6. Mixer control 4 (plucks) is turned up and the singing alien and all other sounds are turned down with group control 2 in the mixer.
  7. Next, the drone sounds 1,2 and 3 are briefly turned up again, the singing alien is faded out and finally all sounds are faded out.

I can’t explain very well. I hope you can imagine it more or less. I will put my voice recording in the zip file, but I can’t add the recording for mixer channel 2 because of the file size limit for uploads. But I think you can record it yourself. Simply change the red cable of the first supercell to voct and press the record button of the first complex simpler, after 10-20 sec press it again.


Yes, I had wanted to do a Lights Off: fully off video for a while and then I enjoyed a game recently in which you play as an AI on a more or less present day space station and you interact with everything through cameras and computer screens and the visuals of it are gorgeous aaand one thing led to the other :slight_smile:

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These sounds make me think of documentaries where gigantic cave systems are shown. That somehow also fits well with the moon. It is assumed that early volcanic activity on the moon also led to the formation of caves. These are supposed to serve as protection against radiation for future moon stations. Maybe someone will figure it out someday. :slight_smile:

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Very nice!!! :+1: … great drones at beginning and end … the voice at 1:20 could also be interpreted as the commander’s last recommendations before the hyperspace jump …

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