VCV 3-minute challenge Ep.4: Warp 9

Storyline: … in the previous episode the aliens started a voyage from the moon into deep space following the direction of the signal received by the USRA antenna. They started accelerating towards the Milky Way, then activated their warp drive and reached warp 9 factor (1516 times the speed of light). After setting the route, all crew members entered the cryogenic cells and the JCN-quantum computer automatically put them into a state of hibernation. After 41 months of travel, the computer suddenly stopped the warp drive and woke up the members. A beautiful scenery appears to them … but is it their final destination or has an anomaly blocked their journey?

The challenge: make a VCV patch that could be the soundtrack of their journey (feel free to interpret it as you want).

  • use only free modules;
  • record the patch and add the music to the video below: you can download the video from this link: If you want you can also provide your personal “warp video” made with your favourite tools.
  • if possible upload the video to youtube (tag it with #vcv3minchallenge) and add the link in your reply (if not possible add a link to an mp3 file or to soundcloud);
  • if possible also upload the patch to and add the link in your reply;
  • if you want add a few seconds - at the beginning or at the end of the video - showing the patch and/or your credits;
  • there is no deadline … at least until the next challenge :wink:

The video for the challenge:


I ended up using 4 patches and then mixing them together to follow the video.



Squinky Labs was well represented in all 4 patches. I know I had multiple F2 filters in all of them.

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Great “cinematic” sci-fi atmosphere!!! … and the three phases of the video are very well represented!

And I rolled my own video, similar but not the same to the original.

But, the audio was first :upside_down_face:. Not three patches, but all stages of the movie in one make for a heavy patch. So heavy that I decided against driving the video from the VCV Rack patch. The video patch is not audio reactive this time.


Very nice !!! What tool did you use for producing/rendering the video? Did you program each section?

Touchdesigner and yes, I did it all myself except for the two still images, star background in the first segment and beach in the third. It is similar to modular synthesis really, you hook up image generators and algorithms, tweak parameters and some very light python expressions to produce a result. Production version costs an arm and a leg, but for youtube videos for free it is good enough.

I definitely must try it. It seems very powerful if compared to Processing (your warp effect is much better than the one I made); Processing is fine for small sketches but as soon as you move to larger projects/ideas or want better graphics then it becomes a pain (at least to me).