Syncing two VCV instances on separate computers - possible?

I have my studio computer and my jam space laptop. When I’m not jamming I bring the laptop home and tie it into my studio via ethernet. With Ableton I can use the lin feature and have two instances of VCV clocked together, but for whatever reason, a lot of times when I open VCV as a VST in Ableton it seems to really want to chew the CPUs as opposed to when it’s stand alone. And hey, maybe I don’t want to use Ableton if I can get VCV to do it this way. Over to the brains of the faculty…

This may help:

It will be interresting to see if there is something new you can use.

Maybe running a clock audio signal from one PC to the other is the way to go, if the IP based suggestions don’t work for you ? I don’t know what methos will have the lowest latency and jitter. My bet is on rtpMIDI to solve your tempo/transport and other needs - such as sending notes and controller values between the two VCV’s. If you only need tempo sync, an audio signal between the two is perhaps more likely to succeed.

Here’s an rtpMIDI tutorial:

Here’s an interresting youtube video on how to sync a delay to an audio click-track.


Well - this looks interesting but It’s not very intuitive for me. The manual says nothing about how to patch it in. I have a module inserted into two different patches running on two different computers networked together via ethernet. The ethernet works as I can use Ableton’s LINK function perfectly. And actually, if I open Ableton on my Desktop and enable Link, it sees the two LINK modules in VCV. But 1st things 1st - so closing Ableton because i want the two instances of Rack to talk. How? There’s only 3 outputs, no inputs - so how does tempo / clock information pass from one to the other?

I’m sorry, I haven’t tried it out the way you want to use it. Maybe email the plugin author for help.

Thx I will give it a try.