Question about communicating between 2 different computers.

Is there a way to run two computers and have the software work together? I can see running VCV as a stand alone on my laptop and running the audio out just like you would any synth, but how might I sync clocks?

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for non-“clock sync” signal transfers between computers.

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I tried this and it receives syncs fine over Ableton Link protocol from my MPC One. I’d like to find module that can act as Mater Ableton Link source in VCV… currently Stellare module only receives clock…

OK, thanks, I assumed, after I read the docs, that it could be master.

“The link module is a very simple module which provides a ‘link’ connection with a link enabled application like Ableton Live. It will allow you also to connect two or more VCV rack instances on different computers together which are connected in the same WLAN or LAN.source

But, I didn’t try it - only with Ableton Live as master. I see now, that there is no way to set the tempo on the module.

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Some other network utilities for the toolbox

NetVST, use VSTs across network. Also supports loading 32bit VSTs and calling from 64bit app

rptMidi, network MIDI for Windows

Interesting. Will give this a whirl when I get home. Thx.

REAPER | ReaPlugs

Mmmmm… that may be above my pay grade but I’ll look into it as well. Thanks Ben.

Not sure… it is free?

I’m pretty sure I have it on my home desktop with the rest of the ReaPlugs. I just wouldn’t have had much call to look at it.