Studio D: Music From The Rack

Another early morning ambience, for @LarsBjerregaard and @Ahornberg.

From the YT notes:

Quelle Che Sono Tornati - Those Who Have Returned

An ambience created with VCV Rack, dedicated to the birds and other creatures returning to my back yard with the arriving Spring weather.

The patch is sufficiently complex to allow me the luxury of skipping its exegesis. A thorough analysis would be tedious and ultimately unenlightening. However, some structural aspects bear a closer look.

The patch is built from five sound blocks. Two blocks include a single instrument each, one for the sustained chords, the other for the bass part. Of the remaining blocks, one includes a set of three percussion instruments (kick, snare, tom), one binds three instances of a lead instrument, and one provides the various bird sounds. No samples are used here, all the bird calls are synthesized in VCV Rack.

In many of my recent patches I’ve been working on emulating instrumental improvisation, heard here in the bass and lead parts. The design simply sets a batch of bird-calls against a chord pad, with bass and lead obbligati, that’s really all that’s happening in the performance.

The internal connectivity is rather complicated, and the most useful description is the patch itself. Although it will not be uploaded to Patchstorage I’m happy to send the patch to anyone on request.

Recorded with the VCV Recorder module, edited with Ocenaudio.

As always, eternal gratitude to the many makers of this marvelous software. Studio D bows deeply from the waist.


Nice one Dave! Love the birds, well done, and the whole piece has a lovely ambience. Very relaxed and trademarked Studio D.

Testing an older version of Bruce’s arpeggiator. A fun thing. No symbols where none intended. :slight_smile:


Some stranger places. See the YT notes for details.

krellscapes :smile:

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A little demo with interesting modules from some new and not-so-new plugins.


VCV Rack does a make-over on an old composition. See the YT notes for details.


Like it, a great ‘Musique Concrete’ feel to it, One of my obsessions at present. Are there just those modules involved? A midi controller setting off the samples stutter?

@ady34 - Thanks for your comments, and yes indeed, the musique concrete feel was intentional. As I mention in my notes, many classic tape-studio techniques were used, including manual splicing. That’s where the stuttering comes from, btw. VCV Rack is used minimally in this recording, no generative stuff or extreme processing. Basically Rack only adds some reverb and spatialization to the original soundfile, just enough to buff up the surface. :slight_smile:

The results of the Charles Dodge Speech Songs, sound very similar to Sparky’s Magic Piano. Just listening to some on YouTube. Nysthi’s SAM would probably produce similar results in VCV Rack, not knocking the originals.

Too many options these days, then you had to work with a wall full of computers to get the same results. More experiments await!!

Kleinemaschinen ‘music’ thread - Music & Patches - VCV Community (

Dave, the last two, maybe of interest.

“Suzy? Suzy Creamcheese? This is the voice of your subconscious mind speaking, Suzy Suzy? What’s got into you?”

Yep, Frank’s floating around somewhere in there. His earliest stuff was a big influence, gotta give him special props for guiding me to the music of Edgard Varese.

I was watching TV a few years ago and the music in the background was “king kong”, but obviously not Zappa. Turned out it was a cover by Babe Ruth!

also Anton Webern :wink: