Studio D: Music From The Rack

Here 'tis. Have fun, let me know if you have any questions about its operation.

Visuals from the LFMEmbedded module, audio from Audible Instruments, Befaco, Squinky Labs, and friends.

AI’s version of Elements is such a fine synthesizer.


A meditative excerpt from a work using a Csound instrument and my usual chord & bass players.


Does the title have anything to do with Risset arpeggios or glissandos, or Risset rhythms? I coudn’t perceive anything, though I am not very good at picking it up unless it is simple and obvious.

According to the designer it’s based on a harmonic oscillator originally made by Risset. I’m probably using it wrong. :slight_smile:

Says 80% of Rack patchers, when they’re honest :smile:


Hello Dave, really like the sounds in this patch. So how do you load a Csound code into the module? I was thinking open the code, copy and paste and then save as a preset, would that work? Much appreciated.

It can be a little more involved than that but not much. See docb’s notes for the details:

You’ll also have the opportunity to add realtime control over parameters. Very cool stuff. :slight_smile:

Thanks for checking out the recording !

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Thanks Dave P, I have harvested loads of Csound files which when opened show the code. It looks like you have to make the code talk to VCV, that right.

It’s pretty easy, I’ve been having loads of fun testing instruments and effects from various sources. At some point I’ll collect what I’ve done and turn 'em over to docb.

Are there any any online videos of putting the code into the Csound module? I’m a visual learner. Gonna have to try it out some time.

A 12-minute ambience. See the YT notes for patch details.


Very nice!

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Love the mood and feel of this one. Reminds me of some of the great song intros that Yes or Alan Parsons would have back in the golden days.