Studio D : Music From The Rack

(Dave Phillips) #1

Putting all my stuff in one thread does seem like a good idea. I’ll start out with an older piece I consider my first successful patch. I have a YouTube channel with a variety of Rack-related works, I’ll cherry pick that collection and post some more stuff as time goes by. Comments are always welcome, of course.

So, somewhere to begin:

Best regards,

Dave Phillips

(Lars Bjerregaard) #2

Nice piece Dave. Are you going to the LAC? How many people show up and do they publish video or proceedings?

(Dave Phillips) #3

Hi Lars ! I hoped to go but we’ve moved into a new location and I can’t afford the trip. There’s usually a crowd, and yes, they do publish vids and a proceedings book. It’s a very fine event, and CCRMA is an excellent place for it. I gave a keynote address there for LAC a few years ago, had a terrific time meeting John Chowning and jamming with Julius Smith. :slight_smile: Are you planning to go ?

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(Lars Bjerregaard) #4

No, I’m not involved at all, but I am an old Linux hand. Remember occasionally reading about you on, and unless Apple come to their senses it looks like my next machine, when the time comes again, will be a Linux box, so I’d be nice to catch up with the state of Linux audio.

(Dave Phillips) #5

Cool, I hope you find the change stimulating. :slight_smile: I’ve come across a few other rather negative assessments re: Apple but I have no experience on the platform. I do remember that Brad Garton and Peter Kirn both advised me to not buy a Mac at a time when I was considering one. They knew how I worked with Linux and they were pretty sure I’d be unhappy with Apple’s way of doing things, especially development-wise. I’d still like to work with some of the best applications for the Mac but I highly doubt I’ll ever switch platforms again. I’ve been using Linux for about 25 years, I’m awfully comfortable with it. :slight_smile:

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(Dave Phillips) #6

Mellow moments with the AH Arpeggiator and friends.

(Dave Phillips) #7

A nice one to play after 1625.

(Lars Bjerregaard) #8

Ooohh, I really like this one! Shame I can’t see the cables but I’ll download the patch…

(Lars Bjerregaard) #9


(Dave Phillips) #10

Something different. I’ve used a 12-tone row as the source material for this piece, the composition proper was created with an external MIDI sequencer, and I’ve used the VST Host module to deploy the great Pianoteq plugin. I’m sure that this one will have more limited appeal, but I enjoy highly chromatic music along with the more meditative stuff. Gotta stay well-rounded in this modern musical era. :slight_smile:

(Lars Bjerregaard) #11

Heh… I don’t think you’ll ever sell me on 12-tone music, but I can subscribe to the well-rounded part :slight_smile:

(Dave Phillips) #12

Something like a chiptune, I guess. Playing with two Logistiker modules to generate performance material to be thoroughly digested by two Audible Instruments Resonators, one AI Modal Synthesizer, and a matched pair of Functional VCOs from Squinky Labs. Modulation points abound, with crazy delays on the ever-changing percussion sounds. Funny stuff happens.

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(Dave Phillips) #13

Back to a more mellow ambience. #3 in a series of pieces in a somewhat somber mood. I hope you enjoy it.

(Jim Frye) #14

Really nice Dave!

(Dave Phillips) #15

Thank you, Jim. You were definitely in my mind when I was shaping the music, I hoped you’d enjoy it. I’ll add the others in the series over the next few days. Rack still got a hold on me. :slight_smile:

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(Lars Bjerregaard) #16

Really nice and dreamy Dave, I enjoyed it!

(Dave Phillips) #17

A more assertive sound here.

I hope you find it enjoyable. Me, I like it loud. :slight_smile:

(Lars Bjerregaard) #18

That’s a fantastic piece Dave, I love it - really well done! The most impressive thing to me is the demonstration of what you can do with 3 oscillators (if I’m not counting wrongly) and a whole bunch of modulation and switching. You make it sound like a whole orchestra. Wow!

(Dave Phillips) #19

Getting into the Seven Seas module. Yeh, I’m late for the party, but at least I made it here. :slight_smile:

Patch details are available on the YT page. Comments welcome, as always, and I do hope you enjoy this little sonic excursion.

Best regards,


(Jim Frye) #20

Very smooth Dave! :slight_smile: