Seaside Modular Announcements Thread

Never mind on this. It was the Chinenual update that was causing my crashes. Actually, I probably accidentally clicked on “Update All” and got upgraded to a downgrade :wink:

New build is available for testing.

I am adding quantized pitch control to Jawari, but since it’s not… encouraged… the inputs for this are sort of “hidden”, so that it doesn’t invite you to mess with the pitch by CV, but if you want to, go nuts. There are limits on the range though, since the sound does not survive moving more than a couple octaves up (and one down).

The left side jack controls the root tone. This will move all four strings by the same interval. The right side jack only adjusts the first string. CV is additive with the knobs. Demo here of what it can sound like, although I’m sure this is tame compared to what will happen to the poor tampura out there in the wild…

Also, I’ve added the new Indian scales to Proteus as promised. Here’s a sample of Ahir Bhairav, with Jawari in the background:

Please let me know if you encounter any problems, and you can also log any issues on github.


I am really liking the Ahir Bhairav scale. Are you aware of any quantizer in Rack that can quantize to your implementation of Ahir Bhairav? If not, would it make sense for me to use the Impromptu AdaptiveQuantizer to learn the scale in the patch?

I haven’t even tried the new CV control features.

EDIT: The Impromptu Adaptive Quantizer works great for dynamically learning a scale and quantizing to that.

Will Proteus always put a lot of info lines in the log file, as it does now?

I thought this latest build got rid of the last straggling print lines. Is it still doing that for you? Not intended. I can scrub it again.

I shouldn’t reduce a raga to a scale of course (a raga is more than just a scale!) so I have to atone for this but the notes of the scale that Ahir Bhairav is based on are S bR G M P D bN S, so a flattened 2 and 7.


For sure. What I am doing is taking the Meander melody with arp and the bass part and quantizing to your Ahir Bhairav scale as learned by Impromptu Adaptive Quantizer. I hope to not offend any raga purists.

Of course, I am mixing in the Proteus and Jawari parts also. I think it sounds very good and interesting to my raga naive Western ears.

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Oh sure, nothing wrong with using that scale. The crime is in my calling it “ahir bhairav”. But it’s a misdemeanor.

I have a new commit that takes out all the INFO statements.

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Needed to repair disk errors and update to most recent rack version. At least those steps were taken and no more crashes.


I’m playing with Jawari for the first time tonight, it sounds fantastic, thank you for all the hard work and to all the testers! Very fun module.