Seaside Modular Announcements Thread: v2.5.2

I had to prune some files from the repository after submitting to the library I wonder if that is causing the git warnings, but I’m not sure.

It’s your .gitignore file. It needs to be made unix aware. Mine is a little over the top, due to… historical reasons.

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These are available in the library now. Video demos:


Wonderful stuff! Congrats and thank you.

Great modules :+1:
thank you

Great modules and videos. Thanks

Great stuff! Jawari sounds fantastic, works great when feeding it a burst of random triggers and then letting it ring out for a while, then repeat. Also the Proteus expander is a heaven sent. I used to have several instances of Proteus before or recorded the Proteus notes into the Impromptu phrase sequencers.

Two small requests though:

  • In the release notes you mentioned that a new Indian scale was added. Does that refer to Jawari? Because I can’t find it in Proteus.
  • Jawari never goes back to full silence, there’s always a low residual hum after letting it ring out. I actually checked my hardware for the source of this hum. :slight_smile: Any chance this could be improved?
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I think I am one of many that is falling in love with the sound of the new Jawari module. And the Proteus expander makes a great sequencer even better.

I am abusing the Jawari in a way I think you never intended, but I love the results. I would love to have CV control over the semitone, octave, and root note. But I am sure that would be antithetical to the ethos of the tanpura, and the Stoermelder uMap works well enough.

I’m pretty sure I will be jamming with flutes to this patch in this coming Monday’s Virtual Open Mic.

Jawari Coercion.vcv (2.5 KB)


Ah shoot you are right, for some reason bhairavi didn’t make it into the release. I will fix the notes for now but will include it in the next release. Will also investigate the infinite sound. Thanks!

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You know, enough people have asked for it now that I will likely include some kind of cv control over pitch in the next release.


great news! i loved what i heard while playing around with it, but the inability to easily change the pitch with a sequencer was really all that was keeping me from building a patch around it :stuck_out_tongue:

Does the expander save sequences states when saved in a patch? because here (w7-rack 2.2.2) this is not working…

I wonder if Proteus or its expander is causing me to crash a little bit. In my latest patch up, every so often it will crash and output a horrible buzzing sounded until rack is relaunched.

Any guidance appreciated. wonderful modules by the way!!

log.txt (105.0 KB)

I have not experienced any crashes under Win11 and Rack 2.3.0 using a somewhat complex patch with Proteus, pX and Jawari while doing various CV controls.

Is there any pattern to the “crashes”, such as do you have to run for a while, or are you doing patch editing? I did not see any evidence of a crash in your log file.

Edit: I am running version 2.4 Seaside Modular.

Yes, saved sequences should survive restarting if that’s what you are asking.

I don’t see anything unusual in this log file.

i have tried installing new vcv build 2.30, still no luck, saved slots are lit but if i try to load, the output is an empty sequence

Ok thanks, I will look into this.

thanks for looking, I think I corrected my issues (windows stuff mainly)

What did this turn out to be related to? I ask because I discovered today that some recent plugin update (most likely) is causing quite a few of my existing patches to crash Rack with no crash info in the log file. I cannot figure out the pattern to these crashes. I’m running Rack 2.3.0 under Win11.