Plugins that are built for Rack v2


  "slug": "ReVoltah",
  "name": "ReVoltah",
  "description": "Simple voltage range adapter",
  "tags": [

to the list of modules in plugin.json

NB: the initial ,

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Thanks Steve - that worked.

dBiz also compiles with the json change (albeit with a lot of warnings)

with Mockba fixed and dBiz that makes… 1016 modules! :slight_smile:

What platform are you compiling dBiz on? I got no warnings at all…

Compiling on Mac - most if not all the warnings (26 of them) are about things being deprecated - ‘SVGSwitch’, ‘SVGPort’ etc

Sounds like you need to git pull on your local repo to update it.

I literally just cloned it, so it’s up-to-date.

I think it’s because my build system is very pedantic - I often get build warnings that Marc doesn’t get.

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I’m up to 1193 modules! This community rocks!

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Hi, i’ve tried to install all of the mac builds from your repo but extraction fails, for all except Southpole and Befaco.

Screen Shot 2021-10-06 at 08.12.17

Nysthi v2 beta builds for Mac, Windows and Linux here:


ok, i figured it out, sorry for taking so much space here!

so,if i go to the page with the list of all the plugins, press on one of them with the right button and ‘save the link as’ it saves the file which my system is unable to extract. BUT, if i press on the link with the left button, and then from there i press DOWNLOAD button i’m getting the correct file which extracts without issues. Both files named identically, same file extension.

kocmoc repo has an official v2 branch with some Rack version 2 features already added in:


I finally checked all developers that are currently in the library and reveal their source codes. I discovered a lot of plugins, which also build fine on Linux, just with the change of the version number. Now I have 1193 modules installed. The new additions are: Aaron Static AlliewayAudio_Freebies aridacity Axioma CaptVolt’s VCV Modules Catro/Blanco Catro/Modulo Chord Controller Comfortzone dBiz Dintree Edge Expert Sleepers - Encoders GoodSheperd Hot Bunny huaba Interrobang JLmod Karatesnoopy Kosmodules LabSeven LFSR LOGinstruments Mantra Mental MicMusic Mojo MrLumps NEX NonLinearInstruments noobhour NoraCodes Nozoid OhmerPrems Pfzzz Plurm PS-PurrSoftware QuantalAudio Qwelk RCM ReTunes Free s-ol Sculpt-O-Sound Skylights SLM Stalys stocaudio StochKit Strong Kar SunsetSignals TercerBrazo TriggerFish-Elements Truly Vitamin WeldSplatter

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I have built my unless_modules successfully with the latest Rack source (v2.git.042a9ce), haven’t really tested them yet though, only fixed errors and crashing.

Source is here. Soon I’ll implement port labels, test functionality further and update my automated builds to provide v2 versions as well.

The only change so far is that drawing sliders on Towers now works with Ctrl+Alt instead of just Alt (since Rack took over Alt).

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I can confirm building on Linux.

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ML_Modules (free) and Quantum Multiverse compiled successfully for v2, and should be available when v2 launches. The sequencers still require some work…


Vult free is at V2 too


The Modular Bus Mixers by Glue the Giant were tweaked so they compile for v2 and have some fixes from the migration document, but they haven’t yet been tested. The code can be found here: GitHub - gluethegiant/gtg-rack: Glue the Giant Rack Modules for VCV Rack



Both surge-rack and BaconPlugs build and run with v2 if you check them out on the v2 branch.

Sorry for a bit of an obvious question but there’s a lot of activity here. What’s the next step? I don’t want to push that branch to main or do I? And when and how do I update the community library? I’m happy to read the ‘steps once you are ported’ doc but i couldn’t find it here.



Just reading between the lines of the dev blog here but I would say recompile your plugins against new Rack v2 betas as they are released (seems to be happening weekly on Saturday’s so far) to check if any new issues arise.

Andrew said the v2 API and ABI will be declared stable on Oct 23 at the earliest. Once it is declared stable then recompile against that (and perhaps then make v2 your default branch if you don’t want to do it before). I know for MindMeld and Impromptu Marc has made v2 the default branch already.

I guess once the v2 API and ABI is declared stable Andrew will give further instructions as to when to submit your plugins compiled against that to the Library.


OK cool so basically “hang out and wait for the community instructions” and “if i want to set up auto builds against v2 do that”. Got it! Appreciated.

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