Vult Free v2

Here are the Vult Free modules for v2

Known problems:

  • none

Fixed problems:

  • Knobs jump when moving them
  • Labels for inputs and outputs missing

Thanks, but will there be changes before the final release of Version 2 in November?

thank you Leonardo,
finally I can try some of my most used modules in V2 too, :+1:

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of course?

This version of the modules only work with the current VCV Rack beta release with tag 042a9ce0. These are not guaranteed to work with the final release. Once Rack v2 is released, the final binaries should be downloaded by Rack.

I’m having a problem unpacking the file on Linux (Ubuntu 18.04). For some reason the vcvplugin extension is associated with Skype (!) and opens that app when I try to open the file. I changed the extension to .zip but got this message when I tried to open it:

An error occurred while loading the archive.

Any suggestions ?

Just paste the .vcvplugin in the plugins directory and let Rack decompress it.

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it’s actually a .tar archive, but who’s counting, and yes, Rack will decompress it fine…

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Thanks! They are wonderful :alien:

I have fixed the issues with the knobs. Please redownload the updated binaries.


Thanks Leonardo, I was getting worried that none of the beta V2 modules would work at all in the final November release. The final binaries will be available at the same time?

are there updates for the new version of VCV?

Perhaps a side note but I have similar problems. I have set up desktop integration but Dolphin always associates Rack patches as Renoise files and nothing I do breaks this, it always somehow reverts.

Here are the new binaries. Release Vult Free 2.git.219bbaf1 · modlfo/VultModules · GitHub

Please let other people know.


I can no longer live without Vult! Thanks Leonardo :alien: :vulcan_salute:

Binaries for Beta 1 are available in Release Vult Free 2 Beta.1 · modlfo/VultModules · GitHub


Gracias, Leonardo, very nice to see it back. Just one notice/problem so far - somehow there is no sound out of Basal (at least on my Win7)…

Same here on Mac.

Working here on Win10

Strange…At least I see Basal’s Main Output (while with light On) shows “nanV” message and nothing goes out