Plugins that are built for Rack v2

seems something’s wrong with new version of SDK for windows since I built yesterday bogaudio and they worked and built nicely, even old knobs was appearing

Thanks for the list !

Synthkit and Charred Desert will build with only the json change.

PdArray will build with the json edit and a single repair:


Change to



Tonecarver Blur now has a v2 repo that can be built


Thanks so much for keeping up the mac builds!


Also AS (Alfredo Santamaria) will build with only the json change


Xenakios has made a few updates to VCV Library - Atelier Palette in the last couple of days for v2.

One can build from his GitHub - Xenakios/Atelier at v2 branch, noting you may have to change RACK_DIR in Makefile

This branch also includes the addition of the LFO mode by anlexmatos.


Note that I am still working on it, but it’s probably mostly going to be stuff like adding all the CV port names for the new tooltips. I haven’t thoroughly tested the builds myself, but they appear to be working on Windows and Mac. I’ll look into adding the LFO mode thing, I had somehow missed merging that previously.


(My previous post edited) Now that I see you’ve merged the LFO mode PR I can delete my fork.

I’ve updated Chortling Hamster Modules to work with VCV Rack Community Edition 2.git.042a9ce0. I’ll make some binaries tomorrow night (bit tired tonight!) and update this post when I do.

The v2 branch is on GitHub if anyone wants to make their own build: GitHub - chortlinghamster/modules at v2

Thanks @marc_boule for the indirect help with the segment displays in Bitwise and getting them working with the dark room mode. :slight_smile:

Update: Added a release on GitHub which contains binaries for macOS, Linux and Windows: Release v2 for VCV Rack Community Edition 2.git.042a9ce0 · chortlinghamster/modules · GitHub


I’ve tested Hampton Harmonics modules against the new Rack-2 version 2.git.042a9ce0 on mac, and it is still working well.


works here on Win10 too :+1:

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rcm-modules has a V2 branch that compiles

The following can be built for v2 with just the json change:

  • Wiqid Repelzen

  • ML Modules

  • RackWindows

  • SVModular Drumkit

  • Scanner Darkly (Orca’s Heart)

  • Aaron Static (Chord CV)

  • az-vcv modules (Modulo sequencer) needs the json change and also change: app::mm2px to window::mm2px on line 64 of modulo.hpp

Currently have 865 modules running in V2! (which is something like 31% of what’s available in V1)


Orca’s Heart not stable here on linux, random crashes, no clue in log.

Admiral, Agave, ChowDSP, ESeries, Extratone, FehlerFabrik, kocmoc, KRTPluginA, Lyrae, MockbaModular, Mosquito and ZetaCarinaeModules build fine on Linux and just need the json change

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compiles without issues,
but here rack crashes, when I try to add it to a patch

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how is that? You must have a few which are not mentioned here. I have already 46 developers, but only 745 modules. :metal: :sunglasses:

lol not sure - but I’ll soon have a few more based on the list you just posted…nice work!

I only have 45 plugins so far - I’d post a picture of the plugins I have compiled but forum seems to be getting errors when uploading images for last couple of days.

For me I can add it to a patch and use it, but then if I close rack and open it again Rack crashes - pretty sure its Orca doing that

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No problems here on Win 10 Rack-2.git.042a9ce0

MockbaModular crashes Rack on startup for me

[0.230 warn src/plugin.cpp:161 loadPlugin] Could not load plugin /Users/Steve/Documents/Rack2/plugins/MockbaModular: Plugin defines module ReVoltah but it is not defined in manifest

Axioma and Catronomix also just need the json change

950 modules now - close to the 1k milestone :slight_smile: